Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sigh Big Sigh

Home from vacation...fat...very fat...joints hurt...MUST take out time for my health. But how?


  1. I came home today too. Back on the wagon tomorrow! We can do this!!!

  2. check out
    i'm telling you, if you want to lose the weight this site is the best!and it's free. i just saw your blog while i was surfing the site and i looked at your post, and how you said that you kept goofing up. i know it is REALLY hard, but this website has helped me a lot. and there is a very supportive community on there that is going through the same thing you are. i hope this was help to you and good luck on your weight loss ! :)

  3. You have an informative blog. I’ve learned something from it. I do have mine too Thanks

  4. I found your blog typing "next blog" from mine.

    I salute your efforts and wish you the very best!

    I know that many people think that dieting is necessary to loose weight. I have found that to make something permanent and not just fleeting, it is sometimes very wise to take your time with it and be very generous and loving with oneself.

    Learning to add good food is one way and take everything we love in one go is often resulting in frustrations and a feeling of punishment. Which often result in letting go of the diet eventually along the way.

    I hope you can learn to love to add new food to your diet and not making it a chore or something that makes you hate it eventually.

    Above all be nice to your imperfections and relapse if there are any in the future. You are beautiful from what I see from your picture and hope you can see it too. :)

    Hugs from a stranger!

  5. Hi there~ I'm just a 'passerby' who pressed the 'next blog' and I thought that I can just give you some tips I'd used before~

    Never give up on food, but do sleep 8 hours everyday day, because it really helps you with your digestion system~

    But I was too busy to sleep that long, so what I did was, I ate whatever I wanted for breakfast; then oats or wholemeal bread (I love tuna and sardine a lot, so I often spread them on my bread) for lunch; and for dinner, I took meat (without the fat), vegetables and fruits~

    breakfast is the most important meal as the stomach was empty for long hours; for lunch, don't eat too full, as long you don't feel the hunger, then that's enough; and dinner, try to eat early, maybe before 7pm or 8pm, so that your tummy will have it's time to work~

    Hope that this will help you~ ^_^

  6. Mrs. Darling, I found your blog by hitting the next blog button :) I cringe, cringe, cringe at the word diet though. I could run shrieking like an idiot from it. OH mon dieu. Listen, I do not want to be the kind of hit and run jerk who only seems to stop in to promote her own posts, nor do I claim to be some diet/fitness/lifestyle expert. I do hate diets so much though that I would like to offer up my rant on them. I don't know--it's kind of nice to commiserate I s'pose.

  7. of course, I may not have read enough, and if you're forced to diet for very specific health reasons, just tell me to shut up and eff off :)

    p.s. I admire any woman who has the balls to diet and stick to it. I just can't flipping do that any longer.


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