Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lo carb

So incredibly frustrated! After the 4th Im going back to lo carb and staying there! If I get carbs I just cant stop. Its awful. I want control back. I hate it when I feel like I'm at war with my own body!


  1. ((( hugs ))) Little by little - you can do it! BTW, my plan with the Weight Management Centre calls for a max of 163g carbs - which is quite a bit if you're eating good carbs. Protein is around 81g. Thought that info might help you?
    Are you taking vitamins? When I'm not taking my vitamins, I find all of my cravings are worse.

  2. I totally understand!! I have a carb addiction. I have no issue with carbs from some vegetables but if I eat bread or pasta or potatoes LOOK OUT! The cravings were uncontrollable and I couldn't get enough.

    I was finally diagnosed with insulin resistance. Among other things. They kept testing my sugar since diabetes runs in my family and it was fine. So it went undetected until my endo decided to do a 3hr blood glucose test. Have you had this test? Definitely at least look it up to see if you have any of the symptoms.

    I did HCG to break my addiction and am doing so much better now. Down 50lbs!! I still have 60 to go but I am on my way. YAY!!

    Keep at it and once the carbs are out of your system, you will realize you don't crave them like you did before.


  3. Fad Diets and gadgets don't work, but since there is a lot of science included in the "Diets" check out South beach Diet, and Paleo Diet. They both work on pretty much the same principal, cut out the sugars and processed foods, might also look into a 10 day juice fast to help reboot your system to get rid of the dreaded carb cravings. in my weight loss attempts I have found that the scale is just something else judging me, make more of an effort to judge your own progress through how you feel about yourself and the rest will follow. Appearance is a direct result of fitness, so get out and do more, even if its just walking :) hope your journey is a wonderful trip to self discovery.

  4. Hey- it sounds like you have a lot of the same struggles I do. Im in the middle of a book that has COMPLETLY changed my understanding of nutrition and weight liss. I suggest you read it too. Its called 'The Insulin Resistance Diet' and you can read about it on my blog. Best wishes!

  5. Using the scales more than once a week, or better yet, once a month is a bad thing. As Trimdafat says, it becomes another Judge, and you dread the process after a while. Scales also do not tell you what is body fat weight or new muscle weight, which is not good. Look at inches of fat and inches of muscle instead.

    And diets often don't work for most people. If you can spread your meals out to 5 small meals a day, with the biggest being breakfast (first meal when you get up in the morning) and then every couple or three hours have a small meal of some sort, in small quantities, you will find you do better and feel better faster!


  6. Wow, I was honestly thinking the same thing about being constantly at war with my body. I've gotten to the point where I exercise every morning as a punishment to my body for not being "obedient" and lose weight. It is such a hard struggle, but being consistent will bring rewards!!


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