Thursday, November 17, 2011

Control is hard

I did it. I stayed within my calories. I wish though that I would have had a "cleaner" eating day.  I wasn't going to weigh until the end of the week, but I found myself on the scale. I lost 2 pounds yesterday. I'll take it. Today I hope for a less complicated eating pattern.


  1. Look for every victory that you've accomplished - and pat yourself on the back! Make this day better than yesterday - not more perfect, but headed in a better direction! You'll do it!

  2. Well done, I always say the toughest thing about dieting is being 100% honest with ourselves and it sounds like you are doing just that. Keep it up, keep trying and you'll get there eventually.

  3. Hi there. I'm a new follower as well as new blogger. I came across your blog this morning and spent a good hour just exploring it. I'm just at the beginning of my weight-loss journey and have done years of yo-yo dieting. I don't know if I'm going to be successful this time, but I know first hand what a struggle it is. I think you're doing an excellent job. You are being completely honest with your readers as well as yourself. That itself takes a lot of courage. Be proud of every accomplishment you have made, no matter how small and keep your goal in mind. You can do this!


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