Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Turn Around

Okay, I haven't been sitting idle on the diet front the last several weeks. I know this blog really looks like it, but I haven't. I have been researching and reading. I have finally come to a conclusion on this. There is no way to lose the weight but to diet and exercise. That is profound. Yeah, I know that everyone knows that, but what makes it profound is when one internalizes the idea and the concept. For months now I have been reading and talking to people who have lost weight from all manner of methods. I even tried a few of my phentermine pills again.

In all my reading and all my research and all my soul search and the random blog posts on here, I have formed a very definitive approach for my weight loss. I recall back in 2008 when I lost 50 pounds, that many times I thought to myself, "why did I waste the last ten years looking for the perfect diet when in reality all I needed to do was to count calories." Yes, that's how I lost that 50 pounds. I can't tell you how that thought has been going over and over in my head the last while. Why would I return to trying out all the different diets when I found what worked for me?

Well people, I'm going back to counting calories and exercising. I'm going to go low carb just because I have to for blood sugar purposes. I am going to use this blog to stay accountable. I am going to eat 1500 calories a day because I want something doable. Every day I am going to exercise. I'm not putting a limit n that. I don't know how far I can walk or what my limitations are really in that area. I'm just going to go out and walk.

I will not be posting every tiny food morsel here but I will be posting my calorie intake daily. I want to also post my exercise and water. I hate water but I know how much it helps. I have experienced it. So here I go. I am going to do this! I haven't set weight loss goals as far as pounds off type goals since back in my 30's when I was a lovely size 10. I like being size 10. I have no grandiose ideas of ever being a size 2. I wasn't a size 2 at birth so why should I try to do that now? But one thing I am going to do now is post a goal of pounds off. My goal is to be 15 pounds lighter by January 1, 2012. Now that might not sound like a lot to all of you but there are several factors involved here. Let me list them: I am 51 years old. I am postmenopausal. The holidays are here.

For me to lose 15 pounds will be a miracle. But I am going to do it. I want this miracle. This morning I am 251 pounds! In 2008 when I started I was 252. I have gained back 49 of the 50 pounds I lost. My goal isn't to be 110 pounds. My goal is to lose 82 pounds to weigh 170. I will readjust that later probably but for now that is where it stands. My determination is huge! I can tell just how determined I am by the very fact that I posted my weight on here. I'm also excited about posting definite goals!!!

I'm ready to take on the day!!


  1. Sorry I sent that other message before reading today's entry. So all I will say is keep up the positive attitude and I truly believe those fifteen pounds will be gone.

  2. I am not being a smart a- -, but I lost so much weight (without trying) on the candida diet. It was weight I didn't need to lose.

    My Hubs is trying to lose weight and can't. I told him to go on the candida diet. He told me NOT IN THIS LIFETIME. lol.

    You could try drinking herbal teas, I think it might be fennel that helps to curb the appetite and it would give you something else to drink. I love the licorice root tea, when I am craving something sweet, I drink a cup of it. It has a natural sweetness and I don't think it tastes like licorice at all.

  3. I know that candida is a large part of why its so hard to lose weight right now, too. But I also know myself and I know that I can't stick to that diet. I amy be able to after I lose some weight and get some motivation under my belt. :)
    mrs darling

  4. Good for you! You can do it!
    We're here to support you!
    PS You don't look 51 for sure!!!

  5. It’s difficult to get knowledgeable people today on this subject, but you sound like you know what you are talking about. Thanks for this informative post.

  6. Good work.. On right track and will surely reach your goal.. Just count your calories..

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