Monday, December 19, 2011

Blurred edges

I dont like the edges of my food plan blurred. I just dont. I want a clean and precise day of eating. This weekend has been blurred. I ate a piece of pie last night when I went out with some friends. I had the calories left for it, but I don't want to spend my calories on pie. One of my goals is to get rid of the sugar in my diet and that wont happen if I keep delving into the carbs and sugar to that extent. I need to treat my sugar problem like the allergy that it is. I am highly allergic to sugar. It makes me tired and cranky. It also feeds my candida and that I do not need!

I am so tired of being fat, I dont know why I cant just stay on plan. On the other hand, I am not totally unhappy with my weekend. I turned down a lot of things I would have ordinarily eaten. I stayed quite close to my calorie limit with only a few blurred edges. Its hard when I eat food without a direct calorie count. I like to know exactly what I am eating, but I guess that is the OCD part of me. I need to learn that just because I dont have an exact calorie count, it does not mean that I have gone off my food plan. I can give it an educated guess and go on!

Today I want to focus on eating correctly and drinking my water.


  1. Perfectionism!! I recognize it - I'm a recovering perfectionist! ;)
    I think you need to take baby steps and pat yourself on the back when you have even small successes - i.e. you ate less sugar than you usually would, you at on plan except for one thing today, you drank your water AND exercised, etc. etc. Focus on the positives and after a while, you will have more positives.
    Have you checked out Weighty Matters resolutions? I posted the latest one on my blog today - check it out. It pertains to what you're dealing with, I think.

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