Saturday, March 29, 2008


Its so hard to stay on a diet when hubby's home. Oh yes, he's trying to eat right too and for all I know he's probably losing more than I am. But having him home requires three full meals a day. That's a drudgery when you're trying to keep your calories low.

I did do much better with fruits and vegetables today. It was a concerted effort on my part, let me tell you! I don't naturally gravitate toward fruit.

I'm tired. The snow is coming down in huge flakes outside. At least its not sticking. I have a rash or hives or something that will not go away. They just move around on my body; first the back of my legs, then the back of my knees, now the small of my back and the back of my neck! Whew! Who knew a human body had so many back parts? I have no idea what its all about.

I googled it and they say that it could be a form of dermatitis seen most often in people with hay fever and asthma! Well that's me. My asthma's been bothering me terrible lately. You see even though its snowing, the trees are blossoming and my body knows it! Its just a bummer all the way around!

Well here's what I ate today:
English muffin
sausage patty


salad with lite dressing
shaved turkey breast

BBQ chicken thighs (3 of them!!)
salad w/lite dressing
asparagus/steamed with butter
2 bites of mac and cheese

couple of orange sections
slice of cantaloupe

So what have you ate this weekend or what sort of delicacy have you turned down?


  1. I should have eaten at your house- sounds yummy:) And that's alot of fruit for you, good job!

    I downloaded that site traffic thingy you said I needed; it has me a little spooked- I had NO IDEA so many people hit my site and they don't leave comments, who are they????? This is going to take some getting used to. It's like thinking your blinds are closed at night, so you walk through in your jammies only to see a face at the window...not quite that bad, but close, LoL.

  2. before breakfast - blueberry tea w/sugar

    breakfast - cornbread pudding, 1 c. 2% milk

    late morning - blueberry tea w/sugar

    lunch - 8 raw baby carrots, pinapple glazed ham sandwich w/cheese, orange juice

    Supper - Venetian chicken w/apricot sauce, asparagus, broccoli, and tomatoes, breadsticks (2), almond cheesecake, orange flavored sweet tea

    water consumed today: ~34 oz.

    I ate one mini Hershey's special dark candy bar when my blood sugars were low before supper.

    I broke down and opened a can of Dr. Pepper tonight. I've been sipping on it for about an hour. I've had a killer headache and I'm trying about everything to get rid of it.

    We were supposed to have salad with our supper. I even had it out on the table. But, we had a guest over for dinner tonight and he was running late. We decided to eat the hot food first so that it wouldn't get cold. Then my husband decided we needed to finish the cheesecake that was in the fridge, and substitute it for the salad. We'll have the salad tomorrow.

  3. well the cheese cake sure does look yummy! I ve been dying of a diet coke tonight. Im about ready to crawl on my hands and knees to get one!


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