Friday, April 4, 2008

Eating is a Social Thing

I had a good day yesterday as far as diet goes. In the evening I went to a Mexican restaurant with girlfriends. I think I ate three too many chips! I ordered tortilla soup and left about half of it. I ate all the broth though.

Sunday night is a spring banquet at our church. I have decided that Im not even going to go. The temptation to eat will be too great. I cant afford a meal off of my diet. It throws me too badly. Today Im pouring the water down to wash out the salt from last nights chips.

When you diet you sure notice how much of our activites as humans evolve around food! No wonder we're such a fat society!

Today I am going to concentrate on fruits and veggies and water. Thankfully I have a cold watermelon on the deck just waiting for me to carve into it!


  1. Mrs D,
    Watermelon has only 25 calories per half cup. My boys and I picked up a produce nutrtion chart at our local grocer. It really helps me out. I love fresh fruit and it doesn't make me feel like Im giving anything up if I trade that out for a snack with more calories. You know what I mean??
    The watermelon sure sounds good, its mostly water too. I wonder if you can count some of your water intake from it?? (wouldnt that be great? yeah I wish)

  2. NOT coming!!!! Wahhhhhhh!

    Should I skip too, since I am being DESERTED? It is only about 36 hours before our weigh-in...

    Watermelon? I love that stuff, it wrestles for first place with cherries as my great fruit love (boy, that sounds funny).

    If you eat much of it, most definitely count it as water. On hot days in the summer, I have been know to eat almost half a watermelon myself (I'm not kidding, they know me at A--- fruit stand) and I make tons of trips to the little girl's room because it's basically fiber and water...and that might have been a little too much info:)

  3. I have this post from the other day where I was feeling the same exact things. I had a sunday school party then a dinner group party two consecutive nights. At the SS party they had meatball subs and I ate taco soup before going. I then ate a couple of meatballs and carrots with ranch at the party. I did have icecream with a mini butterfinger on it. But, what I am trying to do is not allow myself to totally give up and eat everything or say I will start tomorrow. I am making choices to have a little of this and not eat the chips that are there. At home it is so much easier. But, I feel like I am making progress in changing my all or nothing attitude to making choices. I weigh the cost of eating it or not. Can you eat before going to the event? That way you won't be so hungry and can make better choices.

  4. southerner I cant tell you many times Ive tried eating before the event. Princess DI, all the movies stars, everyone says thats the way to go! Well not for me! All I do is go the event and eat just as much. To eat before is just more calories for me. Im a died in the wool foodaholic I guess.

  5. I have this same problem. if I am out I will eat. I have friends who can just sit there and talk without touching the food but I would have to wire my jaw shut to accomplish that. the chips really get me. I always end up eating too many.

  6. I agree, so many of our social events are around food!


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