Saturday, April 5, 2008


Okay, somethings got to give. I've been banking on April being the month that I could really lose a lot of weight because the calender was empty. May was looking horrific when it came to social events. May is my birthday, Mothers day, Memorial Day, a ladies overnight retreat and a ladies 2 day conference! Can you see the food? Have mercy!

So April was going to give me a jump on May. It's not to be. Within two days April filled up. It now reads like this. Tonight, movie and dinner with friends. Next Friday night Im going with a couple girlfriends to hear a mommy comedian at Rolling Hills Church. You all might have heard this lady on You Tube. She's the one that sings all the things a mommy says in a days time to the William Tell Overture. I cant wait. I love stuff like that. When my girlfriend called and said she had five tickets and did I want to go I jumped up and down with excitement. But at that point she hadn't mentioned food.

She called back later and said the women wanted to go out for a bite to eat before we go! Do you hear that? A bite to eat. Who has just a bite to eat? Why do we use that term? To salve our consciences? We wouldn't dare say we were going to go out to scarf some food and add to our cellulite, now would we? I don't want to go have a bite to eat. Its all those bites that have gotten me where I am.

Okay so that's on the 12th. I no sooner hung up with her then the phone rang again and it was another girlfriend getting a group of mamas together to go out for an evening of dining and fellowship. Some of my closest friends are going. This event is planned for April 18!

That is a food event three weekends out of the month. I've already opted out of the Sunday evening spring banquet at church. I also think I'm going to stay home from the April 18 dinner. Some where I have to put my health needs first.

I've thought about just attending all the events and drinking protein shakes and salads on all the in between days. I don't know. Ive got to figure something out. The situation will only get worse with summer coming on and all the camping and back yard BBQ's. There is nothing at a BBQ that is diet friendly save grilled chicken. BBQ's consist of salads loaded with dressings and cold ice cream deserts, hot dogs and greasy hamburgers, white buns and mayo. It's hard.

Okay, I have to go put a plan together. Im going to have to really mean business here to survive.

Feel free to share any thoughts or ideas or your own struggles coming up. We have to support each other here or none of us are going to get through this! This group is going to be made up of the biggest losers in the internet. Just wait and see.


  1. You get to go see Anita Renfroe!?
    Be prepared to have a blast, laugh till you cry, have to run to the restroom. I've never seen her in person, but my husband bought me a bunch of her DVDs. I'll bet it is even more fun in person with all those other ladies to laugh with.
    Have fun! Maybe you can laugh some calories away.

  2. Yeah thats the name. I couldnt think of her name. Im expecting it to be one riot!!

  3. how about meeting your friends at the show? Or just ordering a side salad to be served with the rest of the meal.... Also, you mentioned the fact that BBQ's are not diet friendly, that sounds like a challenge to me. How about hosting your own diet friendly BBQ...
    Or like you blah on the days you dont have anything going on.

  4. sulli I think Im going to do that side salad tonight before the movies. Thats an excellent idea. I usually get the salad with everybody elses then when they eat I have nothing to eat.

  5. I hear ya! My best bet has alwasy been to drink slimfast shakes whenever I'm not going anywhere or being with someone else for a food function. Then I am able to forget about the diet when with friends and it also is easier to just have shakes if I'm doing for a reason like that.
    My problem is not too many functions ,( as you know those are few and far between). The problem is taste testing items at the store or being tempted when soemthing comes through like coffee glazed macadamias like today! : (

  6. Yikes , i don't know how that sentence got chopped with "likes" . It sounds like a 14yrld! : )

  7. Ooohh I feel for ya! I have had gastric bypass and there are many things I WILL NOT eat right now. I am still in the weight loss phase. Later I can taste things if I want to, but for right now I just don't. My solution is to bring a protein drink with me, or a protein bar. I make no apologies about it. I am doing it to help myself, not to please someone else. There are some delicious protein mixes on the market, I just love them, so I don't feel like I'm missing anything. I already know what those Oreo's taste like anyway!

    You can do this! Take it one day... no, one meal at a time!

    I also wanted to say, thank you for your blog, and all of the work Iknow you put into it. I have a 12 y.o. DD with a sensory disorder and low muscle tone, we also homeschool. Your post on housecleaning really motivated me to get moving and I got my spring cleaning done in three days!


    Mary in TN

  8. Isn't it unfair that so many of our social events involve food? But it tastes so good! At least, I'm breastfeeding so I can indulge occasionally without any guilt.

    Look at the silver lining: you have lots of friends who enjoy your company enough to include you in events.

  9. May would you mind telling us what your favorite protein drinks are so we could try them. That would save us from being the guinea pigs. So how much have you lost with gastric bypass? Id love to hear.

    And yes, nikki I am blessed with an abundance of friends! For that Im thankful!

  10. Life is about choices right? And even AFTER your diet you will be stuck in the same situations...which means you'll gain it back, or figure out what else to do. I can go and not over-eat, but I don't really enjoy it that much when I do.

    And I am probably too tired to be commenting, so ignore it if it's bad advice:)

    They had your mortal (diet) enemy tonight (yes, the great pig called Ham), so I skipped that part. But I did have a small piece of a delectable rhubarb pie- heavenly!

  11. yes I knew they were partaking of the pig. Thats why I chose not to go! And alas, I bought a rhubarb pie at Sheris for sunday dinner so i too had a pice of rhubarb pie. Delectable on the plate, deplorable on the hips.

  12. Mrs. Darling,

    To answer your questions...

    I started out at about 257 pounds, I was considered a lightweight as far a gastric bypass patients go. although I was more than 100 pounds overweight. I had co-mobidities such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, plus very bad knees, I am due for knee replacement surgery in about 2 years. I have lost about 91 pounds so far, my goal is to get to 150. I feel terrific! After gastric bypass most people get very sick after eating anything high in carbs. Unfortunately I have a very high carb tolerance. So now I have to really focus on low carb eating to keep the weight coming off. I also exercise 6 days a week. I'm on a mission! LOL

    My favorite proteins are called Dessert Protein, for good reason! YOu can get them at Vitamin Shoppe, or I can send you a link to the website I order them from. CHocolate COconut, Cinnamon Bun, Whipped Vanilla are my favorites in that brand. They are delicous! I like to put them in a blender with ice, frozen fruit and such to make new flavors. Nectar proteins by Syntrax are great too, very fruity! I love the Fuzzy Navel flavor mixed with Crystal Lite orange. The trick with those is to just stir them into your water, don't shake or put in a blender.

    Let me know If I can be of help in any way!

    Mary in TN

  13. Here is one suggestion for the movies. Pop your own popcorn. Use the 96% fat free Orville stuff and put it in baggie and stash in purse. :) One other suggestion you can do, before each social event you attend. Eat something before you leave. Have a small sandwich and soup. Or some veggies with low fat ranch. keep up the good work, sounds like you're on your way too making a different life for youself. :)

  14. I don't know if you are from the south or not, but where I am from you live around the table and fellowships. My last SS party I ate soup before going and it really helped me to avoid eating the stuff I shouldn't at the party. I think it is really important to find foods that you can eat in each of the places that you are going. How long will this last if you are in a cave without going anywhere and enjoying time out with friends? That is the challenge, to find ways to make this fit into our lives. I understand what you are saying and feeling, and how it is easier to not be a part of the temptation celebration.

  15. Yeah I know what you're syaing southerner but it's like an addict. I have set through many feasts and not eatne a thing. I have set through many dinners and eaten the exact amount I should have but to be faced with temptation every weekend is a might too much right now. You get what Im saying? I feel like its much like exposing an alcoholic to alchohol. I need to be further down the road, or I need to be "sober" for longer before I out these temptations in my way. I might be off the mark on this but right now I just am struggling and need some fences.


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