Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Will You be the Winner?

If you all notice I listed the total weight loss on the sidebar from the most weight lost to the least. It will give every one incentive to move up that list. Since some of you didn't get started in January it will be very hard for you to gain that top spot but you can gain the top spot on the weekly weigh in! I listed those from the greatest to the least too.

Now I want to do something. We are in a new month! I have decided that we will throw in a little competition this month and see how it goes. Beginning with next weeks weigh in I will keep track of the biggest monthly loser. Whoever loses the most this month will win a prize package.

The package up for grabs this month is the Breakfast Basket. Some of the things you might find in this package are tea, coffee, coffee mug, little motivational book, biscotti, recipe, and other breakfast items essential to the dieters success.

So lets all buckle down and lose that weight!


  1. Great idea!
    I also love the total lost - over 100 pounds already!

  2. I know I couldnt believe it when I figured it out. In fact I counted it three times such was my disbelief!

  3. no minimuffins?



  4. You just want to have fun making up one of those neat little baskets;)

    And you KNOW I never lose more than 1.5 pounds a week...

    This weight loss club is really fun (and I mean that); it's nice knowing other people are trying hard at the same thing. And rooting for you.

    Another great idea from the brain of Mrs.Darling:)

  5. I like those ideas. They will help! (if anything can! )
    You forgot me on the sidebar! : )

  6. I need your totals since Janueary thats why youre not there!

  7. Well it looks like I wil be going in you. I have been coping with MOnkette's problems by eating and I discovered this morning I had gained quite a bit. I know today is not weigh in but my current weight is 167.8

  8. GO ahead and weigh in on tuesday and we will count your weight loss for these last couple of days. Glad youve joined us!

  9. hi, can I join? I most definately have not been dieting since january though. Thinking about it. does that count?

  10. Of course you can join. A lot of the ladies have not been dieting since January as you can see by the weight loss numbers. They're just jumping in here like you did. Weigh yourself today and give us your loss on tuesday weigh in.

  11. I would love to join. Thank you for inviting me. I am in my 2nd week of dieting. Or day 3,465,000 depending on which way you look at it.

  12. Southerner just leave me your total weight loss which for you would be last weeks loss and I'll put you in the sidebar. Then next week come back and give us your loss for this week. And you're in.

    Thank you both for joining. The more people doing this the more fun it gets!

  13. I'm so excited to be doing this. I'm going to Florida to participate in my graduation ceremony and I'm hoping to have my close fit just a little less snug!

    I've been really working hard, and can't wait until next weigh-in!!

    Thank you so much for putting this together!!

  14. So the weigh in is on Tuesdays? did I get that right? I started on March 13, 2008 that's when I read your post on spark people.
    I love that there is now a group working together and I love the sidbar especially the total lost... it's our own version of "the biggest Looser".
    BTW I would love to participate in the contest and if you continue with contests I would love to give out the next prize. My way of giving back to the person who got me off my butt, thank you so much for that.

  15. Yes the weigh in is Tuesday. When you leave your weight loss for the week Vanessa be sure and give me your total loss since the 13th because thats what goes into the sidebar. And yes all you new ones can join this months contest. And Vanessa I'll take you up on your offer for the next contest!


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