Saturday, April 12, 2008

I ate out!

Tonight I went out with friends to Bugottis. Bugottis is an Italian restaurant with decadent deserts! So how did it go?

Knowing I was going out I ate all day in preparation for it. For breakfast I had what I often have; a slice of stoneground wheat bread with cheese and black coffee.

We were out of the door by 9am to go to Costco. I was worried that we might be gone too long and I hadn't eaten enough but we were back in plenty of time before my stomach began to growl. For a snack I had about 5 grapes with a wedge of laughing cow cheese. The grapes were cold and the cheese was creamy. It was yummy!

Then it was outside to work in the sunshine. We got our entire orchard weeded and dead foliage pulled out of the flower beds. When I came in I was starved so I quick ate an orange before I could think of eating anything else.

With the orange satisfying my burning hunger I calmed down enough to make myself a side salad. I added half an avocado to the salad to give something to stick to my bones. I topped it with soy veggie dressing and it was delectable.

It was a late lunch because it was already 2pm. I had to leave at 3:30 to pick up ladies and get to the restaurant before going to hear the comedian. I quick ran to my computer and found Bugatti's Menu.

Armed with the knowledge of what I was going to eat I confidently ordered my dinner. Here it is; Wild grilled salmon, side salad with dresing on the side, and one tiny sliver of Italian herb bread. Thats it! I had them hold the rice and the side stuff that came with it. They brought me just the salmon and salad.

Success tasted sweet!


  1. Woohoo! Kudos to you!!!!! :)
    My downfall is Johnny Carino's , a fabulous Italian restaurant here!
    You know i do find it fairly easy to stick to my diet when I eat out ,especially when I know ahead of time and can plan my day around it.
    The days that get me are the days around the house without a lot of pressured things to do.

  2. Good Job!

    By the way, I think the total number of pounds lost for me (in the side column) is wrong. I didn't lose any at the last weigh in so I'm pretty sure it should be a total of 3.

  3. Youre right brandi.I went all the way back and double checked and it is indeed three. Sorry. I was just trying to get you to the finish line faster! LOL

  4. Thanks for the info. about Spark People. I didn't bother checking it out at first, but I did this week. I've already lost more weight than I had been. Hopefully, that will still hold true at my Tuesday weigh-in.

  5. Good for you!! Unfortunately, we are going out to eat tonight to celebrate my birthday and buying our new house, so I will NOT be holding back. And because it's my birthday, and I got a late start this morning, I'm not even exercising. I expect my weight to be up this week!

  6. Armed with the knowledge of what I was going to eat

    if it isnt a treat or cheat day that is SO KEY TO SUCCESS, huh?

    congrats on yours.


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