Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend diet report

I made it through the weekend. No, I didnt go to the banquet but I ate some other stuff I shouldn't have. Sunday I had pizza for lunch, BUT it was vegetarian pizza so that helped a little. I did count the calories and stayed within my limits. I also had rhubarb pie. My motherinlaw is here and loves rhubarb pie. All I can say is thank God it wasn't peach! Peach is my favorite!

I have so much weight to lose that I am going to have to figure out a way to handle social events in my life. Part of my problem is that anything I eat past 4 or 5 in the evening goes straight to my fat cells. I don't care if its a salad, the scale will be up the next day. Its frustrating to be 48 and have everything slow down on ya! Food doesn't react the same in the body as it did ten years ago.

Saturday night I went to Red Robin with my girlfriend. Red Robin doesn't have a nutritional counter anywhere on the web. The outcry has been so great that they have said they will put one out sometime this summer. I ordered an apple walnut chicken salad. I ate the four slices of apple, the four slices of chicken and about two walnuts. I left all the lettuce and the dressing. For that I paid ten dollars! Tis a shame but the conversation and the fun made up for it.

Today is your last chance of the week to peel away the pounds before weigh in! Go seize the day!


  1. as Im heading to 40 I, to, am shocked at all the effort it DOESNT TAKE to gain weight.

    I also thinkn the same thing frequently when out to eat (I shelled out how much for this?! when most of the sauce condiments sides I left behind?!)


  2. Check out the restaurant section of

    She has recently added quite a few Red Robin items. I never bet on the info being 100% accurate, but I think it is a very good starting point. Dottie is Weight Watchers focused, but had the calories and fat for most items along with the WW points.

  3. Good for you...going to RR would take some self-control on my part, though that salad actually sounds pretty yummy. Why do they have to throw those tasty dressings on the side?

    I'm starting to think I need a new scale, it keeps jumping around on me...I know it couldn't be me:)


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