Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Revving Things Up

Im seriously thinking of doing something entirely different this next three months of dieting; you know, to stir things up a bit for my metabolism.

Here are the things Im rolling around:

South Beach Diet
All vegetables and fruit
Smoothies and Salads
Protein Bars and Diet Shakes

But then I ask myself if I should mess with something that is working. I go back and forth on this. The South Beach diet is the most sensible of them all. In fact, now that I think of it, maybe I'll do South Beach for the next three months. And maybe I will follow the exact menu plans.

That's a lot of my discontent; I'm tired of searching for things to eat. I could do South Beach and still count the calories. I will always have to count calories. Yeah, maybe that's what I'll do. I'm going to at least try it for a week or two and see what happens.

Thank you all for talking me into this! :)


  1. I'm thinking I'll try weight watchers; I printed up a few of their recipes the other day, including 2 homemade soups that count as 0 points! Not sure how that works, but I can live with it;)

  2. I go through this ever so often. I get the urge to try a "real" diet...but I think how I'm doing now is ok, and I really don't want all the hassle of one of those. I like being able to eat with my family, even if it is on a smaller plate :D

  3. I see the menu on Spark people, mabey it would work too? I never tried South Beach, mabey I'll borrow the book from the library. What all does it consist of?

  4. Its basically eating without white sugar and white flour. Its sort of a lo glycemic approach.

  5. I second the cut out processed white and eat lots of clean food.



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