Monday, April 7, 2008

Weigh In Week 5

I lost 1.5 lbs this week!

Isn't it amazing how much effort goes into losing weight? Mercy, its time and energy that I thought I would never find. Some how I have managed to stay on track in my weight loss in spite of stupid mistakes Ive made along the way.

Today marks the end of the third month of dieting for me. As of this morning I have lost a total of 27 pounds. My goal was to lose 50 pounds by the 7th of July, six months after I began. I am 2 pounds ahead of the game. I have lost 2 dress sizes! I have done this by counting calories only. I haven't drank my 8 glasses of water like I should nor have I done any added exercise.

So guess what? Its now time to work on the next step; exercise. The next three months I am going to make time to exercise and make it a habit like counting calories. It's baby steps the whole way. I knew when I started this that there would be no rushing into anything. I have 100 pounds to lose and I've given myself 2 years to lose it if need be.

Now Im dreaming of all the things that will be better this summer. I'll be able to stand the heat just a little better. I'll be able to walk a little further with the kids. Hopefully my back wont bother me so badly. On and on the list goes. Im excited about the changes that weight loss will mean in my life. If I stay focused on that it's not so hard to turn down all the good food!

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

So how did you do this week?

Mary) -3.5
Cajunchick) -3
Mamaolive) -3
Mrs Darling) -1.5

Val) -1.5
Heather) -1

Sulli) -1
Brandi) 0
Mrs C) 0
Mykidsmom) 0
Nikki) 0
Southerner) 0
Alltheveas) +1


  1. I feel crummy and bloated (in a food not sitting well way) and so I am putting off my weigh-in for a little while.

    Maybe until I see someone else weigh-in that didn't lose anything this week...Lol.

  2. Well I weighed in and it is pretty good I think. Even though i only lost 1 pound, I have now reached a total of 30 pounds. YEAH!!!!

  3. Heather I have 3 pounds to that goal and I just cant wait! I am soooo happy for you! Thirty pounds is a lot of weight.

    mykidsmom weigh in! Its an order from headquarters. We all put down the weeks that we gain so now put it down! (okay everyone, I know mykidsmom in real life. Im teasing her, jut so you dont think Im a mean old lady)

    There is one little problem about not weighing in. It does away with accountability and it also does away with my pound count on the sidebar. If someone gains a pound one week and chooses not to weigh but then the next week reports that they have lost 2 pounds the side bar will show them 2 pounds lower when in reality they have a net loss of only one. It gets messy.

  4. Ok, Ok, I have to report a 1 lb gain, although it's rather aggravating cause actually I lost a lb this week then .....whammo .... hormonal water gain ! : (
    So this morning I'm up a lb.

  5. Oh, I did my first weigh in... I was terrified of course... so I didnt eat anything for breakfast just so maybe I could say I didnt gain any weight... but to my surprise, I did lose 1 pound. Thanks for letting me in! Now Im off to eat breakfast...LOL!

  6. sulli congrats. I never eat breakfast before I weigh in. I weigh the first thing every morning. Glad you're on board sulli. This is excting. Imagine where we'll all be by summer!

    alltheveas, it happens to the best of us! I weighed last night to get an idea of todays weight and decided right then and there Ill never do that again. I thought I hadnt lost a thing.

  7. Always weigh in the morning; it will be less.

    What an encouraging post, Mrs. D!

    I am down 3 lbs this week! I didn't eat angelically, but I kept it under 2000 calories every day and exercised every day. (I'm breastfeeding, so that's an extra 500 calories I get to eat.)
    I, too, have a long way to go, but at least I'm on the road.

  8. Okay, okay...I lost 0!!!

    And you ARE a mean old lady...okay, minus the old:)

    Feel like you have a 3rd daughter now?

  9. Well at least you didnt gain! See, its never as bad as you think it is. Thats why you need to weigh in!

    Yeah I can be mean! Watch out!

  10. I'm right there with you Mykidsmom. I didn't lose anything this week. I should have though. We went to the zoo twice this past week. I got more exercise than I have in a long while. I also drank a lot of water this week. Hmm, maybe I can blame it on the ham sandwiches I had a couple days?

    I only weigh myself first thing in the morning on Tuesdays. I guess if I weighed myself each morning, then I could pinpoint the problem areas. I'll have to consider that.

  11. I lost 0 ! So,my kids mom, do I make you feel better. I didn't weigh this morning but after breakfast and snack and in jeans. My jeans sure are heavy.

    I did my Firm tape yesterday. Well, 20 minutes of the 55 minute tape. It is a killer going up and down on the fanny lifter. I was sweating. I feel it today a little. Maybe I added two pounds of muscle.

  12. zero. Me too. I thought I would be the only one and have been waiting all day to post until after everyone else was done dancing their little victory thing.

    I haven't done badly this week but the scale doesn't show it. I do NOT want to plateau at 100 pounds over my ideal, thanks, though.

  13. I am down 2.8 lbs this week. I am so excited since I had a really bad week. Knowing I was going to have to post it here though kept me motivated.

    My kids mom, I read somwhere that sometimes after you have lost a bit your body will stop losing for three weeks but that if you hang in there it will start losing again.

  14. cajunchic: EVERY time I get within 10lbs of my ideal weight, I hit a brick wall. If I exercise it helps a bit more, so I quess I'll be pumping the iron...well, maybe I'll settle for the treadmill:)

  15. I didn't lose any weight this week, and I probably won't until after this move is over. There's no time for my workout. And I'm afraid I will eat unhealthfully. Although, if I don't buy cookies, I can't eat them, can I?

  16. cajunchick Im going to roudn that to 3 pounds becasue Im not counting all the eights and tenths and hunddreths...well you get the idea. We're just going to go by whole pounds or half pounds around here.

    nikki hang in there you can do this. You're right, dont buy the junk and you cant eat it.

  17. My kids mom, back when I was going to weight watchers meetings I used to hit a plateau at each time that I got into a new range. For example when I hit 170 it would take forever for me to lose to get into the 160s.

  18. I weighed this morning, but didn't get a chance to get on the computer - we had a meeting at the church at 9:30am and then the day just got busier!

    Good news is that I'm down 3.4 pounds from last week. I've cut out all soda and coffee (making me probably not very nice to be around!), and made myself drink at least 48 oz of water a day, and I've been able to hit the gym a couple of times this week and walk a few times outside as well!

    Thanks for the motivation!!

  19. Way to go Mary. Im so happy for you!

  20. I lost 1.5 lbs...I'm happy, but also a little disbelieving, because I'm approaching my "low" weight for the last several months, the weight I reach before everything creeps back up...But I'm trying to have faith that this time I will keep the momentum! And I'm so thankful I have you ladies to help keep me on track :D

  21. Cajunchic (and anyone else:) :

    I hope it works out that way for me. I lost 10 of those 12lbs within about 8 weeks, but have been working on the last few for about 4 weeks; and Mrs.Darling can tell you I drink tons of water, and watch my (bad) fat closely. But it seems everytime it's around that "time of the month" I lose whatever ground I gained; like I said, I will probably have to get some major exercise going to lose the next 10lbs:(

  22. MrsD, you are a darling for keeping up with all this, but I think you gave me too much credit. My total weight loss since Jan should be only 6 pounds.

    This group is very encouraging to me.

  23. Well good grief. How did I do that? I'll change it. Sorry!

  24. it IS a LOT of effort...and yet it's still so tempting to look for the quick fix :)

    swing by and visit if you want any exercisencouragement!


  25. Mrs. D.
    I can't believe it, I forgot to post my weight change. Probably because my scale decided not to cooperate and add 2 plds. Ugh. I hate that scale. I will post a sticky on my forehead for next time though, way to go on your wieght loss. I am inspired to keep going.


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