Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Weigh In Week 4

So this is it. Time to face the scale again! I lost 1.5 lbs this week; good but not the needed two pounds to make up for last weeks gain.

I don't know why I do stupid things like eat ham and Chinese food. Both of them trip me up every time. In January I had excellent weight loss. In February I ate Chinese food and gained 2 pounds that week. I spent the next week losing it. That means I lost two weeks of weight loss in Feb.

In March I have done the same thing! I ate ham and gained two pounds and spent another week losing it. Again I have lost two weeks. That means out of the almost three months that Ive been dieting I have lost a month of it!!!

No more!

It ends here.

I have known for years what those foods do to me. I'm so mad at myself. Having said that however I must add that I have lost exactly 7 pounds this month! Of that I am proud!

This Weeks Losses
Heather) -2
Mrs Darling) -1.5

Mykidsmom) -1.5
Brandi) -1
Mrs. C) -.5

Val) -.5
Alltheveas) -.5
Nikki) stayed the same
Mamaolive) stayed the same

Mary) +2


  1. I did not lose any weight this week. I don't think eating at Sticky Fingers last night helped. We threw a baby shower for one of my friends, and we splurged with an appetizer, meal (I did only eat half of my pork), and dessert. Of course, I ate all of my dessert. I've got a new workout DVD which I started this morning, so maybe I will lose some weight this week.

  2. I held steady this week also. I only got to exercise once, and I just didn't watch myself very well. I'm starting to write it all down now - that's a good incentive to not overdo.

  3. Well staying the same is better then gaining ladies! And writing things down is invaluable to me!Good job.

  4. *sigh* I'm up 1.8 pounds. My clothes feel tight, my face is puffy...I'm thinking it's all water, since I can't really recall eating that much more than usual. I'm going to increase the water to flush it all out.

  5. Again Mary Im going to round that figure to make it easier on me. Im keeping it all at half pounds.

    It always seems weird to me that we need to increase the water to wash the water out. It goes against my very being. Im afraid that all Im going to do is add to the water bloat. But it really does work to drink that water. I wish you luck and a better week next week. Not all weeks can be losses and we all know that.

    Actually I think I would have lost more if my monthly wasnt due tomorrow. But we all go through those times so I must keep plugging on.

  6. I agree; eating ham and chinese food is stupid. I mean, they don't taste AT ALL good..wonder what draws us to them, LoL.

    I think I'm asking for trouble today...well, bring it on!

    My weight loss for this week: 1.5 lbs Total: 12.5 lbs

    Enjoy our predicted beautiful weather- I plan to;)

  7. My total weight loss since February 12 when my baby was born is 24 pounds.

  8. I lost another pound this past week. I expected to lose more, but some of our meals were rather heavy and I blew my chance of losing more.

    My hope is that everyone will have a better week this week.

  9. I lost a whopping... half pound! Wow! Although it's better than gaining :D
    Mrs. Darling, I have the same problem. Some days my willpower is so good and then I just blow it on something silly *sigh*

  10. Congratulations ladies. Yep any loss is better then a gain!

  11. Sorry I'm always late with this....
    I lost a mere half pound, sigh, but I guess at least it's a loss.........

  12. I wondered when you were checking in!

  13. By the way alltheveas I need your yearly total for the sidebar.

  14. Ok I finally made it over sorry I am late. I lost 2 pounds this week. I think that is pretty good since The treadmill is still broken. Guess you can lose weight chasing kids. LOL. Total weight loss is 29 pounds.

  15. Heather you're doing great! I try to catch you and you're always a skip ahead! LOL


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