Wednesday, May 7, 2008

4 months into the journey

Today marks exactly 4 months since I began my diet. I have lost 33 1/4 pounds in that amount of time. I had wanted to lose 50 pounds by the six month mark which is July 7 but I dont think I'll make it! It doesnt matter anyway. Im beyond thrilled with this marker for the fourth month. Ive had people ask me how Im doing it so I will post on that soon. Have a good weekend everyone! Keep on your food plan; own it... dont let the food own you!!


  1. I'd like to say I'm surprised, but I'm NOT. You seem to accomplish pretty much anything you set your mind to. And through this blog you're helping to motivate others, so it's a win-win situation for everyone. Every time I see you, I am surprised what a big difference that 30lb loss has made, I mean that sincerely. Here's to your continued success!

  2. That is great news! Wish I could see the new you!

    Can I join? I have a goal to lose 20 pounds more. I lost 10 during our cross-country move but now am struggling to keep it off and lose more! Maybe this will help. My short-term goal is to lose 15 by the end of June for a family reunion. That's about 2.5 pounds a week which is a little high for me, but...

  3. Of course you can join Marbel. Our weigh in is tomorrow!!

  4. I'm so proud of you. I'm proud of you for taking charge of your health and witnessing to the rest of us to take charge of our health as well. I'm proud of you for putting it out there - so many people are hesitant to list the amount they want to loose.

    Look at those totals! 252 pounds lost already this year! That's amazing. What an amazing group of health-seekers!

    Keep it up. I'm 100% back on the wagon.


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