Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Weigh In Week 9

Today is Weigh In! Are we ready? Okay so I lost a pound. From Thursday to Sunday I had a two pound loss but then my Mothers Day meal caused me to gain a pound and I cant lose that pound in a day so here I am with only a pound loss to report. I cant tell you how many weeks that happens to me. I'll have more of a loss the week after weigh in and then gain over Sunday.

For that reason I am going to bump this weigh in day to Thursday after this! How does that sound? Its all a game anyway but head games are what its all about in many ways. We need to do little things to make ourselves feel better but in the end the weight that is off is the weight that is off regardless of when we weigh.

I also read an interesting thing on the Internet. It said that if you are losing 2 pounds a week consistently that you are losing too fast and will have trouble keeping it off later. If you are losing less then a pound a week, however, consider yourself stalled. The perfect weight to lose in a week is 1 to 1.5 pounds a week. It went on to give the bodies chemistry and such and why this works but suffice it to say that we should all find that quite comforting.

A pound lost in a week is a good rate of loss for the future. Its funny when you think about it; if we gain at the rate of a pound a week we are horrified at our huge weight gain but if we lose a pound we week we grow impatient at the slowness of it all! It's a shame really.

Anyway I want to hear now about your losses. Lets go ladies! Lets lose that weight!

Brandi) -3
Mrs Darling) - 1
Alltheveas) -1
Nikki) -1
Sulli) -1
Darcie) - 1
Mamaolive) 0
Mary) 0
Vanessa) - 0
Val) 0
Annette) + 1


  1. I am totally for the Thursday weighin! I do the same thing over Sunday.
    I lost 1 lb. this week! I tell you after my oldest coming back and losing 25lbs in 25 days, I'm more than ever interested in the "rice" diet! : )

  2. Rice diet??? 25 plds in 25 days?? Crazy.
    Ok, I too had a two pld loss but with taking my mom out for mother's day and my boys taking me out for mothers day I gained it back and therefore am at a wash. I still look at it okay because I have still kept off the 10 plds I lost to date.
    Oh btw my goal is to loose about 50 pds total.

  3. I lost a pound. It must be the stairs in this new house. Up and down, up and down, up and down....

  4. I stayed the same this week. It's getting frustrating, and I know it's all my fault. But there's always next week.

  5. Ive lost one pound this week as well. I know you said this was the safe way to do it, but it sure feels too slow!! I want to hear more about the rice diet...I like rice...

  6. I'm at the same. A few gains and losses along the way, but when I get on the scale today - it's the same number as it was last Tuesday (and scarily, the Tuesday before last).

    I joined a gym today. I meet with a personal trainer on Friday, I can't wait. I need to add some exercise to my fitness plan.

  7. I would like a Thursday weigh-in as well.
    No loss for me, but I do believe this weekend was worth it :)
    I also joined a gym today mary! Here's to our success!!!

  8. I lost one pound. I haven't worked out at all this week. So my goal is to get back into the routine of working out.

  9. alltehveas mentions this because her son just got back from a month in China!! The rice diet can be found online. There's several versions to it but its basically, rice and fruits and vegetables. The one version adds in fish. Pretty rigorous but they say that with the fish added in it's quite healthy.

  10. I gained a lb. I am really off the wagon and eating things that I shouldn't. Husband took photo from back of me bowling on Sunday night. Big wake up call. If you need motivation, have YOUR husband take rear photos of you. Not pretty. I am walking backwards from now on.

  11. zero, but lost what I gained the week before LOL!

    Next week I'm kickin' some butt away literally!

  12. southerner that is funny! IM sorry but I had to laugh at you walking backward!

    Well It looks like there are a lot of low weights this week. We need to step it up next week ladies!!

  13. Sorry I'm so late with this. This morning when I was online the new post wasn't up and then we had to get down to business on our day. We had ball practices and games that took up our whole evening and this was the first chance I had to get on the computer. Anyway . . .

    Don't hate me. I had almond cheesecake for Mother's Day and ice cream last night and I was still down three pounds this week. I needed that, because I was getting really down about my diet lately.

  14. I hate you!

    No not really! I just had to say that! Im actually very glad for you! Way to go girl!

  15. Well I just joined in yesterday so I have no loss. But next week I'll report something. Well, I expect to, anyway!

  16. So do we weigh in again today or not till next Thursday?
    I'm down 1.5 lbs since Tuesday, and I pigged out Wednesday. (makes one wonder)

  17. NO this means that we will be skipping Tuesday and weighin in on Thursday this week. So we actually get to weigh in a 9 day loss verses a 7 day loss!

  18. I lost 1 pound


  19. I would like to join in on this if it's okay. I am a friend of Mrs. C's. I haven't lost anything since last week but I am so very hard trying to lose weight.

    Aunt B.

  20. Of course you can join aunt B. If you've lost anything since the first of January we count it.


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