Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Weigh In Week 9

I lost 1.5 lbs this week bringing my total weight loss to 32 pounds. I ate out three times and still survived!

This weigh in begins another contest in which Vanessa has graciously offered to host. So lets strive again to be this months biggest loser!

Darcie) - 2
Heather) - 2
Rachelle) - 2
Sulli) - 2
Vanessa) - 2
Mrs Darling) - 1.5

Val) - 1
Katrina) - 1
Mamaolive) - .5
Brandi) 0
Nikki) 0

Fierybydesign) 0-unable to weigh in due to broken scale
Southerner) 0
Cajunchic) 0
Rose) 0


  1. I am posting a loss of 2 pounds! Not being around food at the restaraunt 6 days a week is really starting to help...
    I am really glad for this group. Thank you Mrs. D!

    P.s Wiegh to go! (he he)

  2. I think I lost 2 pds. I weighed in at 157 this morning. I am so excited because it marks a total of 10 pds. My first 10 pds. Woohoo.

    For the contest the prize is....
    A spa type basket and includes

    -Bath and Body works Brown sugar and fig body lotion

    -B&B works fresia body lotion

    -B&B works coconut lime verbena body lotion

    -Sweet Pea perfumed soap

    -A small assortment of temple spa sample bottles
    -Moisturizing lip balm
    -dry shower
    -Moisturizing balm for hair, body and face
    -Soothing balm for aching limbs and feet

    -Box of four french milled soap

    -All wrapped in a luxurious hand towel and washcloth.

    Oh yeah and a big sponge(loofah??)

    Have a great week

  3. I didn't lose any this week, but I didn't gain either. I was a little worried because we ate at Texas Roadhouse Sunday. It was a good thing that I hadn't eaten a snack in my Sunday School class and I was low on calories for the day before we went.

  4. Put me down for .5lbs. Though this month's prize sounds really good so I'm gonna have to get with the program!

  5. I can't weigh in this week because my scale died. :( So I'll check in with the next week's weigh in.

    The prize sounds awesome! Thanks Vanessa for doing that! :)

  6. Wow, 21 people in the club now!

    I need to get to the grocery store so I can jump back on board, I'm surrounded by mountains of carbs right now (gleaner provided):)

  7. I stayed the same through the last two weeks. That is actually a good thing because we have been eating out so much lately. We have had pizza twice since we now live in town and can have it delivered! Woohoo!

  8. Go Vanessa! You rock :)
    I'm down 1 pound....but still not where I was. Blah :(

  9. Well I lost 2 pounds this week. That makes me pretty happy. I actually started using fiber choice weight managment. It seems to be helping. Good job to everyone else on their weight loss. So only 73.5 more to go.

  10. I've lost 1 pound this week

  11. I gained. Nevermind how much; I'm hoping at least next week to get back where I was LAST week. But it's bad.

  12. Oh come on Mrs C confession is good for the soul! Do tell! :)
    Okay heather theres just one question left; what is fiber choice?

    Way to go ladies! You're all hanging right in there.

  13. Fiber Choice is a fiber supplement that they sell in with the vitamins. The one I use helps with curbing cravings and weight control. HTH

  14. Can you use Fiber choice on South beach diet? I know it talked about it in the book but I wasn't real clear and it's not on the list of approved foods?
    I would love to curb cravings, its my major downfall. I caved and ate a mango when Im not supposed to have fruit. aghh.

  15. can I play? I have lost 2 lbs this week for a total since I started two weeks ago to 7 lbs! Darcie

  16. welcome! Of course you can play and congratulations on your weightloss.

  17. Sorry I did not post yesterday. I was at the doctor and found out that last week when I thought I was on my period that I was actually going through a miscarriage from an ectopic pregnancy. I did not post it on my blog though because it is too private. Needless to say my body is still recuperating so I did not lose this week but I did not gain either so I am going to celebrate.

  18. Oh so sorry cajunchic! Im sending you my love and hugs.

  19. cajunchic...so sorry about your news...best wishes.

  20. Rose it took me forever to figure out your message. LOl Thanks for checking in.

  21. Cajunchic I'm so sorry. ((HUGS))


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