Saturday, May 3, 2008

Making a firm plan

Ive been reading a bunch of weight loss blogs to keep myself motivated. It's helped to motivate me but more than that it has sobered me up. To lose 100 pounds like I set out to do is going to take lots of effort and lots of determination! I have to firm up my goals and get a real plan in action here.

I think the biggest place for me to start is to begin to plan out my days eating in advance. I need to have that plan in mind so when I get rushed I don't eat any old thing. If I have every calorie counted and the food prep done ahead of time I can just eat from the plan.

This morning I weighed the lowest I've weighed in years. I saw a weight 8 pounds lower then this exactly 7 years ago when I was nursing my son. My son weighed 11 lbs 4 oz. at birth and was 2 ft long. He nursed everything right out of me and I ended up at the lowest weight I had been in a long while. That little boy turned 7 in February. This morning, 7 years and 3 months later, I'm finally seeing weights that I haven't seen since those marathon nursing months.

So now I've lost over 30 pounds and its time to get a real plan in place. I will share that plan with you in the next day or so. In the meantime remember we all are here for you.

Reach out and give Southerner a hand. She went off Dexatrim and is now struggling. It's a big thing to give up the pills and do it solo. Way to go Southerner! You can do this!!


  1. A big help I found was using weight loss hypnosis CDs, or MP3 before bedtime. I also read - on the suggestion of my Dr - Paul McKenna's book I Can Make You Thin. Although he can't make anyone thin, he does have some very good suggestions on how to retrain your thinking about food and get back in touch with our body's natural hunger rhythym.

    I found a lot of support on iTunes podcasts too, which are mostly free.

  2. I use a trick in all this (as you are probably aware from visiting my blog) and my trick is to set my lifestyle up so that I don't have to think about it at all.

    Specifically I have friends who don't comprehend "no" that drag me out of the house for running, jogging and bicycle rides.

  3. girth watching? that's so great/sucha good point about the non-no comprehending friends.

    did you see the viewer mail I did a while back about the preplanning? nothing NEWNEW but perhaps a good reread reminder?

    (I dont have a search but you can bring up all the viewer mails at once)


  4. Wow I consider all three of you pros in weightloss and Im thrilled to have you come over and offer your advice.

    I havent really began an exercise program yet. I need to get at that. Looks like I need to check out some books too. Paul McKenna comes on TV here late at night but Ive never watched his show.

    My environment is not a nofail environment. Hubby hasnt joined me on this yet and the kids still have a loaded snack drawer!

    Thanks for all you encouragement.

  5. When I first decided I really was going to do this, I asked the children to watch me whenever I go in the kitchen. Accountability helps a lot.

    Our dieting needs are very different right now, but for you to have a plan that fits you sounds like a good idea. I've read a few books on diet, and some are quite conflicting, but two I looked at recently sound pretty close to what you are doing already - several small portions of protein with vegetables, and some dairy throughout the day. You are smart enough to not get into a fad. But one thing I've heard about is having two meals a week that are a bit higher in calories, to help keep the metabolism going. And you already know you should exercise. :-)

    Way to go, Southerner! You're gonna do just fine.

  6. Thanks for the encouragement. I just tried to weigh in for the week and my battery must be through with it's life. The scale said, "Lo" so I am taking that to mean I did a great job this week:) Actually, not done well. I weighed on Sunday and it was no loss, so I will post a 0 for the week.
    I did buy 10 lb of ground chuck, three family packs of chicken breasts and a family pack of pork chops this week to cook up some stuff. I also cooked a spaghetti squash so I can eat that for "noodles" in pasta dishes. It really helps to have it prepared ahead.

    I had a 10 lb 14 1/2 oz baby so I bow to your 11+ baby! Mine was also 24" long. It was actually one of my easiest deliveries. The first the doc cut me just because it was routine and he didn't know that I was made to have babies. The second the doc wasn't there so me and the nurse had a party. The fourth I was sick with a cold and fever so I did my 1st epidural, and the 5th I got a migraine in labor. So, big ol #3 was my best one.


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