Friday, May 2, 2008

Out of the mouth of babes

So I pull up in the drive and the 8 year old neighbor boy comes running up to play with Peter. I got out of the car and the little boy says, "So let me guess; you lost weight!"

I turned around totally shocked. I couldnt believe it! An 8 year old noticed!! Most of the adults Im around havent noticed at all...or else they're just not saying. But I can tell you this much, that little neighbor boy is now my best friend.

Yeah. Im fickle like that. My friendship can be bought by flattery!


  1. that last line made me laugh----why not? friendships have been bought for far worse I imagine!!

  2. I can relate. Sometimes kids really do say the funniest things don't they?
    On the May's giveaway I would of course still be wanting to do that. Now what to give???? That's where Im stumped. I though coffee type basket thing or a bubblebath/candle type basket thing. What do you think?

  3. Both of those sound lovely. Just do whichever one you want, I think they're both wonderful ideas.

  4. What a smart boy, knowing when and how to compliment a women. He will do well in life!

  5. I am struggling!!!! I quit taking the Dexatrim this week and back to an all day ravenous desire to eat. Can you send the little kid my way- I need some lovin, too.

  6. southerner Im doing pretty gpd this week hitting an all time low for me; lowest weight in almost seven years but today I had theatre popcorn. Im scared now.

    Ive been thinking about this blog and Im going to put more effort into making it encourging and giving us all tips how to do this thing. Its going to be along journey for some of us and we are going to need huge support. I want this blog to be that place.


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