Thursday, May 29, 2008

Weigh In Week 11

EDIT: Im working on the numbers here for the prize. Im sure sulli takes it but I want to get everyones total for May posted here. I still havent updated the sidebar either. I'll work on that this wekeend. I also refigured everything for myself and it appears like my gain was 3 pounds. Big fat bummer.

Time to weigh in. I gained 3 pounds. I have much more to say about that later. For now just weigh in and give me your totals.

This ends the May contest sponsored by our own Vanessa!!

Sulli) - 10
Mamaolive) - 1.5
Darcie) -1
Nikki) -1
Rachelle) -1
Val) - 1
Vanessa) - 1
Mary) -.5
Brandi) 0
Marbel) 0
Annette) +1
Aunt B) + 2
Southerner) + 2 (misery loves company, lol)
Mrs Darling) + 3 (guess it aint so much company after all lol)


  1. I am in total awe over my recent weigh ins. I can hardly believe it. In fact, I went and bought a new scale because I feared maybe my old one was broken. Both scales told me the same thing. I have tried to lose weight before and nothing like this has happened. I know it cant possibly last, and if it does, My stomach is going to have all that hanging skin. Gross!!! Any way, my weigh in total for this week is a 10 pound loss. Thats 22 pounds in the last 2 weeks!!! maybe that is why I feel so blah??
    I would be more than happy to put together the next gift basket if someone else isnt already planning on in it...

  2. I didn't lose any or gain any, so zero for me. I should be glad I didn't gain five pounds. We're going to seriously consider a better menu for Memorial Day next year.

  3. I lost one pd as well. About the gift I will need an addy to send it to. If you don't feel comfortable putting on the comments you can email it to me at

    Sulli what on earth are you doing??? I got past that first 10pds and seem to already be stalling, so frustrating. What is your secret??

  4. I lost 1.5 this week, which is about perfect, and I've been snacking all the time and not exercising. I really need to get back on the cross-trainer.
    Sulli, congrats again!
    Since I won last month's basket, I volunteered to do June's gift. Maybe you can do July?

  5. Sulli I dont know how heavy you were to begin with but go easy. I once took a class on how to eat low fat at Kaiser and in the class we had a fellow who lost weight at the rapid way you are and about 4 weeks into it he wasnt in class because he was in the hospital. Turns out that his heart couldnt keep up with the loss and he had a heart attack. Another fast loser ended up in the hospital with potassium deficits and almost died. It's impossible to lose 22 pounds of fat in two weeks so Im a little worried for you. You're losing all that water but what is it taking with it in terms of needed vitamins and minerals for the body? I dont mean to sound like a wet blanket but please make sure that you're taking care of yourself and I would do my level best to slow down the loss. Now after having said all that I say congrats on your loss! :)

  6. Brandi did you get your gift yet?

  7. Mrs Darling, I am aware that rapid weight loss can be dangerous. but really I am not doing anything extra to lose it. I have just been working crazy. I logged in 76 hours last week and 65 this week. I spend most of those hours working at a very physical fast paced job. Before I was working at the restaraunt only, and nibbling all day. It was just the change from eating constantly to remembering to stop and take time to eat. (and of course the lifting a fast walking is helping too) I have started taking a multi vitamin because I have been feeling so tired, more than tired. drained is more the right word. I am trying to take care of my health too, I am very over weight. I started out weighing 245. I would like to see 140. (but secretly would be satisfied with 150) I dont expect this weight loss to continue. I was actually a little surprised to see that I lost so much this week. Thank you for your concern. And encouragement. :) I also quit drinking so much sugared coffee and soda and started drinking alot more water. I will remember what you said and make sure to do what I can to keep up with all the vitamins I need.

  8. I have done nothing for two weeks but party and eat and not exercise and eat. So, lovely little weigh in today! I have gained back 2 lbs. What is really bad is the list on the right of the blog and we are all in order by loss. I am heading down, down to the bottom. Sorry people who are below me but I don't wanta be on the bottom!

  9. Ooops brandi I meant mamolive, last months winner. LOL

    Yes, southerner I purposely placed those in order to give us a birds eye view of how we're really doing . LOL

  10. Only my 2nd week particpating and I lost... 0. Oh well, thanks for letting me play!

  11. Are you trying to tell us you're not going to play anymore?

  12. Oh no! I will persevere! Mrs. D, I have been overweight all my life. Not always by a huge amount, but overweight nonetheless. And you know I was not a spring chicken when my kids were born. It's now or never, I say. :-)

  13. I lost another pound. Slow and steady right?
    I am done with school! Yay! That means more time to eat LOL but also more time to exercise :)

  14. I lost 0.5 pound this week. That puts me with 11 pounds left to lose until my goal weight.

  15. I gained 2lbs. We've been under some stress lately

  16. Well, I'm kinda confused. I left a comment yesterday with my starting weight but can't see it, and when I just tried to leave another comment it was flagged as a duplicate. I have 100 pounds to lose. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  17. Okay sandi so we'll count you starting this week. I have no idea what happened to your other comment but at least we got this one! LOL

  18. I am the same this week. We had WAY too many days of eating out this past week. But that's life and tomorrow is a new day to start fresh. :)

    Congrats to everyone!!


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