Friday, May 30, 2008

The winners for May

Okay, here are Mays winners. Sorry if any of this is wrong. It would be nice if you all would check the sidebar and make sure things are reading right. Im having an awful time keeping it straight! Also make sure my numbers here match what you have for the months total.

Sulli) -25 THE WINNER
Val) -7
Darcie) -6
Rachelle) - 5.5
Nikki) -5
Vanessa) -4
Mrs. C) -3
Brandi) -3
Heather) -2
mamaolive) -2
allthe veas) -1
Katrina) -1
Annette) -1
Cajunchick) 0
Rose) 0
Mrs Darling) 0
Mary) +.5
Aunt B) +2
Southerner) +2
Fierybydesign) +5

Okay this is the first time we've had people who actually gained weight for the month. Who knew May would be such a difficult month? I had predicted back in March that I was going to have a hard time in May and I was right but its just weird how lots of you struggled too. I dont want any more Mays on my calender! It took me all month to lose three pounds and I wiped it out in one week. There is no justice in this, world I say!!

I do have some wonderful things happening on the diet front however; insights Ive been gleaning and things Ive been learning. I'll be posting on that soon.

Anyway once again you all check to make sure this is right and let me know.

Congratulations to sulli for her marvelous loss. Vanessa and Sulli I will leave it to you to hook up and get that prize going.

Well done everyone. And those of us with no loss or with gains. Dont give up. Let this make you mad and determined to fight harder. Thats what Im going to do.


  1. Congratulations Sulli!! That's amazing :)
    Great job everyone!!!

  2. Great job Sulli- better watch out I am coming after you now! I want to be on top.

    Mrs. Darling- I did not touch computer last week much so I just saw the photos you posted- You look great! Don't be discouraged, glad you enjoyed your birthday, now just look at the photos again and see what all that hard work is getting you. It is sooo hard and never going to be easy, I guess, we just all need to learn to be disciplined, and learn to work hard at it and not take our eye off the goal. That is what we are all here for to encourage each other along and pick each other up when we fall. We both fell the last weeks and are back up now so lets roll baby!

  3. Whew! May was rough - vacation, graduation, packing the house, staying in a hotel, moving across the country and now living with the in-laws. Here's to a better June! (I'll finally get to see my husband again in July - after nearly 2 months so that grumpy old scale better move a bit more before then!!)


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