Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Further down the road to success

Thankfully I haven't been neglecting my diet like I've been neglecting this blog. Dieting is really so time consuming. Ive started walking now and that takes up even more time. I see now that much of my weight was put on by mindless eating. To think about what to eat takes up precious time.

I am doing very well in meeting my goals. It appears by the fit of my clothes that although I gained the three pounds lost in May in one weekend I did still lose inches. That's probably because the 3 pounds in 3 weeks was fat loss and the three pound in three days was water gain. I had those three pounds lost just two days after weigh in last week.

So I'm still plugging away at the road to thinland. My favorite food these days are sugar peas and hummus. That's a far cry from my old cravings of chocolate and pastries.


  1. Chocolate and pastries are still my favourites but I have to avoid them. Sugar peas and hummus...I don't think they'll ever be classified as favourites for me. :)

    Good job on realising the pounds were lost rather than regained. :)

  2. Ok I am so sorry that I went missing. Life has just gotten the best of me. I am trying to keep track of my weight, but it has become a battle of the scales. Unfortunetly the scale is winning. I have decided to try and not focus on the scale so much. Because I am on the second scale now and it is being "mean" lol. The first scale within an hour was saying that I gained 30 pounds (trust me that is very inacurate). The new scale seems to be staying stuck in the same spot. So In short I will try my best to keep track of the weight but I will check in each week to encourage everyone else to keep up the good work. Sorry I ended rambling.

  3. My dad (who is a doctor) one time told me that when you lose 20 pounds by just dieting, you lose 20 pounds of fat. When you lose 20 pounds by dieting and exercising, you lose 24 pounds of fat and gain 4 pounds of muscle. So, good for you for starting to walk!


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