Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weigh In Week 15

Oh, you are so not going to believe this; I stayed the same...again! Who said maintenance was hard? Okay that was an attempt at humor but , yeah, it does seem like my body loves this weight! I have to admit, I haven't been 100% on program but before when I would fudge a little I would still lose. I guess now my body wants me to mean business.

So in an attempt to jump start things I am going to be very open and raw here and put my weight out there! That will embarrass me enough to kick into high gear. Besides, when I lose and gain it looks more real if I can record it in an actual weight, ya know what I mean? So here I am taking a deep breath; I started this journey weighing 252. I now weigh 218. There ya have it.

Now I can get onto losing. I've cleared myself and the numbers are there for all the world to see. I will lose this week. I will! Just watch me!

Everybody check the sidebar and make sure the numbers are correct. Last week I changed the numbers mid week and then had a sickening feeling that I had already changed them. So double check on me if you will.

Fierybydesign) - 5
Brandi) -2
Sabine) - 1.5
Darcie)- .5
Southerner) - .5
Mrs Darling) 0
Rachelle) 0
Val)+ 1.5
Mrs C.) + 2
Vanessa) + 3


  1. I lost .5 lb.
    We paid for a cruise yesterday. I say paid because I might would have backed out if it was possible to cancel later. I really want to lose a little and be able to walk from down the hall without getting winded. I had a freak out moment. I wanted to go to Savannah but husband started pushing the cruise. I do not want a vacation with bathing suits involved being fat. I started to flat out say no but realized that I am and have been putting life on hold for years waiting to look cute and lose weight. This is where I am and I need to hold my head up, stand up straight( look skinnier that way,too) and just walk with pride that this is who God made me to be.

  2. I hear ya southerner. That was one of my big motivations to lose weight, so I could live a life a little fuller!

  3. I'm down 2 pounds this week. My total on the side should now be 13.

    Since you were brave, I will be too. I started out at 225 lbs. and am now at 212 lbs. My profile picture is my senior picture from high school. I had just gotten over mono earlier in the year so I was probably around 125 lbs. in the picture. My goal weight is 135 lbs. That is what I weighed during the healthiest and most active part of my life.

  4. Good for you southerner! Have an awesome time!
    This week is very frustrating, because I tracked ALL my calories and did cardio every day, and I gained 1.5 pounds! How did this happen?!?! I don't know why I didn't lose :(

  5. You have my sympathies. I bet you'll have a good loss next week.

  6. Well I'm down 14 lbs total. That leaves 141 to go.

    I got myself back on track and now I have to keep focused. I've found that the slightest deviation from my plan is disasterous for me. I'm just not in a place to handle a little play in the routine. I see that now and although it stinks at least I know what I have to work with. I'm ok with gives me more direction. :)

  7. I'm down 1.5 pounds. 28 pounds to go. I went over my calorie limit twice in the last week, so I am surprised. Hopefully this wasn't a fluke.

    Good for you, Southerner, for not putting your life on hold until you lose weight. I hope you have a wonderful cruise.

    Mrs. Darling, when I was in TOPS, staying the same was treated the same as a loss. So... YAY! for you. I hope the scale moves soon, though.

  8. fierybydesign was that all this month or this week or when? you havent been weighing in so I need to know for the June contest that is running.

    Good for you on your loss!

  9. Fierybydesign if i look at the sidebar it would show your total as ten pounds since your last weigh in two weeks ago. Is that right?

  10. Yes that is just the last two weeks. A lot of that was water weight. I'm sure I'll level out now. Too bad really 5 lbs a week would make that 140+ lbs go a lot quicker! lol

  11. I gained 10 pounds after my surgery on Monday!!!! I think from the IV. I have lost 8. So... I guess a gain of 2 this week even though I've hardly eaten. Bummer! My "total loss" should be 33 pounds when it's figured out b/c I started at 250. Unfortunately I can't count 1/4 pounds this way or that, so if you'd adjust my total loss to 33 I'd appreciate it.

    I still gained two pounds though.

  12. I forgot to mention that I won't be able to weigh in next week, as we will be on vacation. I hope you all have a great week next week!

    My total loss at the side should be 13.

  13. I gained this week. My total for June is a gain of 3.5 lbs. Wah. Maybe if I took this seriously... When I was counting calories I was losing weight.
    My total for the sidebar is now a measly 11 lbs.
    My start weight was 242, which is 20 lbs below my last pregnancy weight. At least that much came off quickly.

    Let me know the winner for June and I will get a prize in the mail.

  14. Oh my see what happens when you go on vacation I totally forgot to weight in and now it's almost lunch. Ugh. Ok so I;m at 158 which means I gained 3 pds on vacation. I think I was 155 before I went, phew with all that eating out that's not that terrible. I wish it was even though at least. Owell. Nothing to do but keep at it. Getting back on track.

  15. On vacation without a scale. So I'll just report next week.

  16. I am down .5 pounds. It is not much but I guess I will take it and try to be happy with it.

  17. You must be tall cos you don' t look very big too me.

  18. Who me? No Im only 5' 4'. But thanks anyway! :)

  19. I think I may have een posting in the wrong place all this On July 2 I weighed in for the end of week 16. (I weigh in on Wednesdays not Thursdays) I lost 3.2lbs for a total of 55.8lbs. Good job everybody!!

  20. Okay melissa i got you this time lol! To be sure you wont be missed post your wednesdays weight loss on thursdays here. Then when i tally things up you are right there.

    Goodness girl you are flying in this weight loss. Congrats to you!


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