Thursday, July 3, 2008

Weigh In Week 16

I stayed the same again! After three days at camp without my usual food and an anniversary dinner at The Outback Monday night I have to say that maintaining was all I could do this week. I am happy to report that during my scale maintenance the body has been changing. I wish I would have measured with a tape measure when I started because now the new clothes I bought after I lost 30 pounds are fitting me much better then they did when I bought them.

Yesterday I worked hard outside for 4 hours. I'm not sure yet how exercise plays into my calories for the day. This week I don't have any where to go so I am going to watch the dynamics of this and see what I can discover. I'm learning about my body daily. Oops just remembered a 4th of July BBQ this weekend. Oh well I should be easily able to weather that!

Okay so how did you all do?
Mamaolive) - 5
Melissa) - 3
Vanessa) - 2
Darcie) - 1.5
fierybydesign)- 1
Mrs Darling) 0
Nikki) 0
Southerner) 0
Val) 0
Sabine + .5


  1. No change here either. Ugh. :-/

  2. I have no change- BOO HOO! Cruise in 25 days. This is getting scary! We are going scuba diving in Cozumel. To do that I will have to take off the cover up. I could get away with not showing full leg if we weren't scuba diving. I am really getting scared. Gotta go, need exercise.

  3. Me again. For the 4th I am making hamburgers and am eating one without a bun. I add cheese and sauteed green peppers and onions and muchrooms. I am also going to grill one of my zucchini or yellow squash. I brush on olive oil, S&P and grill- so good. I bought a watermelon so I can eat that for dessert. If I add a salad, and fill up on all of that I can do without fat inducing stuff. Need photo of me in suit to keep me inspired.

  4. For the week you had a maintain is great!!

  5. Yeah, what SpunkySuzi said! Good for you for maintaining with all the temptations you faced. If your body is smaller even though your weight hasn't changed, that means you've got more muscle and muscle is smaller but heavier than fat.

    I'm up .5, which leaves 28.5 to lose. And my measurements haven't changed.

  6. Just noticed that you are posting pounds lost and pounds to goal, so here's mine:

    1.5 lost
    28.5 to goal

  7. I lost 2 pds. I feel elated but since I put on 4 pds on vacation I am still not back to 155. But at least I am still loosing.
    I agree on the whole measuring, I have heard people not seeing results on a scale but seeing them in measurements. Hmm perhaps it's not too late.

  8. No change! But I'm feeling more fit, which is a very good feeling!! :)

  9. I lost one pound. So now I've got 140 to go. :) It's progress and I'm happy for that.

    Happy 4th to everyone! Enjoy the day and all that yummy watermelon. I just brought mine home from the store a couple hours ago. Ohh I do love a juicy watermelon! LOL

  10. This week I am back to counting calories with a vengeance. Baby is eating more solid food now so I don't have to worry about eating enough for him. I am down to 226 as of Thursday, which is a weekly loss of 5 lbs, for a total loss of 16.5lbs.

    Watermelon sounds awesome, but here it is sold by the pound and it gets pricey.

  11. I did weigh yesterday, but I forgot to come by to let you know. I stayed the same.

  12. I am down 1.5, however... the weekend of bbq's and having company over it approaching. I am a little worried. Hopefully next weeks weigh in won't be a disaster.


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