Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh Deliver Me

Why do I do do this to myself?I am a gourmet cook. I was born into a line of gourmet cooks. I am not at fault here. I assure you that when I made fresh peach chutney and then simmered pork chops in stewed apples with sausages for dinner tonight that it was not my fault! Blame the ancestors! Now what shall I do? Have you ever had pork chops with sausage and peach chutney that has simmered for hours on the stove until all the peachy goodness is blended with cloves and raisins and spices until it becomes a wonderful sauce? Have you? You haven't? Then, my friends you have no idea what temptation lies before me this night.

Oh dearie me! I must give myself a pep talk here. But hey, it really wasnt my fault. I tell you it wasnt!!!!!

Why couldnt I have come from a line of tofu lovers? Why?


  1. Ill give you this one....TOTALLY.

    as I come from a line of 'eh' cookers and dont really crave the fancy meal at all.

    and, unlike CAKE :), i think that is something we acquire a love for.

    but you can still conquer!
    onward to fab tasting cooking light!

    (ok that was a bit too cheery even for me :))


  2. I understand completely!

    One of my grandmothers used to show her love by cooking and baking. I think I'm following in her footsteps.

  3. OOOHHHHH I want that recipe, my mouth is still watering. I come from Germany with their cooking. Motly though I love to bake and can never get past the temptation to try my work.
    What about everything in moderation?


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