Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weigh In Week 25

This week was a good week but it was also a hard week! I worked my buns off trying to lose and it paid off. I lost an even 4 pounds this week and now am at a new low of 214. I cannot wait to eek out another two pounds to make this an even 40 pound loss. All summer I have stayed in the 30's for amount of weight lost and I'm tired of that. I want to be able to say I have lost 40 pounds.

In weight loss its all about the little things; going from the 30's to the 40's, that little .25 of a pound that puts you at a new low, the tiny bites of cake and cookies all week long, the minute that you add on to the time you walk, the little second it takes to decide to put something in your mouth or not, the little calorie too's the little things that add up and that's why I am determined to pay close attention to the little things this coming week!

So lets weigh in!

Mrs Darling) - 4
Brandi) - 2
Marbel)- 2
New Me) - 2
Darcie) - 1
Rachelle) - 1
Mamaolive) 0
Vanessa) + 2


  1. I'm down 2 pounds this week. I had an unusual schedule this week that actually aided me. Jon and I also took the kids to the Family Y yesterday afternoon and played kickball and dodge ball. Of course I forgot to take my knee braces, so I'm paying for it. I also aggravated a heel/ankle injury. We plan on visiting the Y more often, so I guess I better start remembering the braces.

  2. it is the little things that count. Each little bit adds up. 2 lbs down this week :) My new total loss is 59~

    and WOW to you!!!!! 4 lbs....WOO HOO!

  3. Good for you Brandi in getting to the Y and for your loss this week. Way to go!

    Annette you are almost to the 60 pound mark! That is my goal for the end of the year. I want to have 60 pounds gone and that would leave me with 42 to go. Way to go Annette. You're just hitting it out of the ball park every week!

  4. Nice loss and it is indeed all about the little things ;)

  5. 2 steps foward 1 step back. Again with the yo-yo. I suppose I should be happy that I am now between 2 different numbers that are lower than my previous yo-yo but still. I am so tired of it that I can only look at myself to know that I need to work harder. I say it but them life gets in the way and I don't think about it until bed and then it's too late. I was trying to not let it be my whole being but if I don't take a better approach I will not loose any more wieght. So what is the final verdict? I'm at 155, again.


  6. Vanessa at first it really does have to be you whole being. I tink thats why Ive been so reluctant to add in exercise; because I want to hae a life that isnt obsessign about diet. I have found a blissful cahgne in eating habits that is automatic now. That is the one good thing that happened over the summer plateau. I got in a rhythm. If I wouldnt have I would have surely gained. You're doing the right thing by haning in there. You will definitely end up at a lower weight than you would if you just gave up!

  7. Well I missed last week but am down 2 with 18 to go. But that is really not so far from where I started since I had an unexplainable gain a couple weeks ago!

  8. Good for you Mrs. D!

    I held even this week, which is a testament to exercise because I have been eating too much. At least it's not a gain.

  9. Hi, I work for Stacker 2 and I had to stop and comment on your blog. First I have to say, great job for sticking to your weight loss plan. 38 weeks is no small feat. I sounds as if you've hit a plateau and the weight is coming off a little more slowly. That an happen sometimes. You should take a look at some of our supplements and energy shots. They may give you that extra needed boost.
    Come look. Try the Appulos Diet and Energy. It could help you lose weight and increase your energy so you can be in control. Its awesome. By the way is your under 18, nursing or pregnant do not use.

  10. Good for you! Good point re: the little things adding up -- it doesn't have to be major stuff!

  11. No weigh in this week...but everyone is welcome to check out my last blog for a new pic...and ladies I think you will enjoy it. : ) LOL

  12. Down one more! I am so close to my goal, it is killing me that the last couple of pounds are the toughest. Two more to go.


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