Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ten months later and still in the game

I didn't eat enough protein yesterday and as a result I woke up with a migraine. I'm hoping I can get rid of it today by eating 100 grams of protein throughout today. My body just screams at me if I don't take in my protein. I'm not sure what happened yesterday. I think I just got too busy and wasn't paying attention. This morning as I look back over my day I realize I only had protein in a small chicken tenderloin and a couple grams in peanut butter and pasta. That's not enough for me. So today, my friends, will be a protein day.

How are you all doing? Has anyone noticed that our numbers have been dwindling? There use to be 13 people very actively checking in and losing weight here. As time goes on it gets less and less. That's typical. It really is a clear picture of the huge struggle weight loss is. In January everyone wants to lose weight. Ten months later they've fallen off the wagon.

I know the struggles, believe me I do. I think this time is different for me because I was so worried about reaching 50 years old and being overweight. I knew I wasn't getting younger and by getting older I was really jeopardizing my chances for good health and weightloss. Each of us has to have our own light bulb moment though. This year happened to have been my year. I would love to know where all the old crew is in weight loss. Did they still hang in there even though they are no longer checking in? I really, really hope so!


  1. Oh, I'm still here! I just am not posting on zero loss weeks. Been having a lot of those, but I'm trying to encourage myself that if I'm not gaining, we're ok. I can't just do the starve yourself and lose the weight really fast thing anymore, yk?

    It's a SLOWWWW process. But the turtle is moving in the right direction. It IS very discouraging, particularly because it was much quicker to gain the weight than lose. :]

    PS I think I lost another pound, but then past experience tells me to wait a bit and make sure it's really gone for sure and not just me not having lunch or dinner yet, etc. :] I want it goner than gone.

    I'm very encouraged by your website even if I don't post often. Mrs. D, you and I are at the EXACT SAME WEIGHT. I know it isn't a race, but I am heartened we're sorta running together more or less.

  2. Believe me I know Mrs C. It heartens me too to have someone who has lost the same amount. I wasnt aware though that we are the exact weight too! How cool is that! Hang in there. I stayed the same weight all summer and then Since September Ive lost eleven pounds. It suddenly kicked in again and yours will too.

  3. I have also noticed the people dropping off. Sad. But then I'm sad too, posting gains every week. I'd gone to a really low calorie thing (but only 4 days a week) and it didn't help a bit, so I got all discouraged and just ate more or less what I wanted this week. bah! And for some reason I quit exercising, too. Got to get it together! I wanted to hit 200 by Christmas, but today I weighed in at 224, so it's not gonna happen. And now I'm getting the baby itch again. Wonder what's wrong with my brain?

  4. I just checked in. I'm not officially on your list but I have been following. I finally reached my goal but the hard time for me is to maintain and keep up the healthy habits! That's where I am now.


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