Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Weigh In resumes tomorrow

Okay, I have decided to start weigh ins tomorrow here instead of waiting until the 8th. I realize now that the first falls on Thursday which is our normal weigh in day here and many of you might like to start right out with a bang.

My official first year of dieting doesnt end until the 7th. I'll go ahead and weigh in with anyone who wants to tomorrow though. I need to anyway because that will be my December tally. I need the total for December to post there on my sidebar. I have learned through this past year that the monthly totals are a far better indicator of where I am ultimately heading than daily or weekly weigh ins. For example in November I actually had a week I lost but ultimately I gained 5 pounds. That puts a huge red flag up for me.

If you look at my monthly totals you can see that I had a month in the summer that I gained too. Now if the month after the gain is still a gain then I need to reevaluate and see whats going wrong. Of course if I report a gain for December there wont be much internal souls searching to do because, hello, it was Christmas!! That's not an excuse, it just means the answer to the gain is obvious!

On the other hand weekly gains and losses could be all about the meal of salty foods I ate the night before weigh in! But monthly gains cant be all about the salt. It means you have not been on plan, period! That's why I love the monthly goals. If after a month of a posted gain I can lose even half a pound it shows a turning around especially if that half pound happens after December. I'm hoping for that half pound this month! Yikes.

So this year give the monthly totals some thought and put less weight on the weekly totals. (pun intended lol)


  1. and it's just a number.
    just a number.
    just a number.

  2. Happy new year!! Wishing you and your family all the best for 2009


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