Friday, February 6, 2009

The Diet Moccasins

You know, its amazing how clearly things line up in my life when my diet is under control. Im continually telling myself that it shouldn't make a difference whether I'm heavy or thin or in between, I should have the same emotional and mental health either way. But it doesn't work that way for me. When I'm in control of my diet I just feel healthier all around.

I wonder if the out of control feeling that comes with not eating properly is put on us by society or is it a real feeling and we would feel that way even if there were no stigma against being overweight. I see people struggling with their diet and self worth all over the diet blogs. It makes me sad but then when I'm not in control I feel the same things that they are expressing.

I have a real life friend and a bloggy friend that are both wallowing in shame over their weight. I want to tell them it doesn't matter. I want to tell them I love them anyway and that it truly does not have anything to do with their worth and their value on this planet, nor does it have anything to do with how I feel about them.

I just don't see how any of us can judge another when it comes to weight. Most of us have had our own struggles on the weight front. Most of us have not won our own weight battles. Most of us will have to fight this our entire lives. Just because some of us have control of our diets right now does not mean we wont find ourselves in their position again sometime.

I read on the blogs where people lose weight and add that they will never see that number again. I feel uncomfortable reading that. I feel sorry for that person. I cant quite explain it but to me it sounds overconfident and in the weight loss game we cant afford to get overconfident. Those same people who are so sure they have lost the weight for good are the ones that almost commit suicide when they gain it back. They sink into depression and say all sorts of negative things about themselves and to themselves.

I think a healthier approach to weight loss would be to rejoice over the pounds lost but bear in mind that your body is a delicate machine and you can definitely gain back those pounds if you let down your guard. I think being overly confident is setting yourself up for failure on this diet journey. On one hand we need confidence and a positive outlook but lets not think we are above failure. Lets not make overly boastful statements and above all let's be there to love and hold up that person in our life that is not able to get control of their diet, always bearing in mind that the situation could turn around and we may find ourselves in their position regardless of how successful we view ourselves at this point.

I hope everyone reading this has a healthy and wonderful weekend. Eat nutritional foods, get plenty of rest and fresh air and just enjoy being alive!


  1. great reminder of how we should appreciate each moment and totally remember that health is a journey, not a destination

  2. I don't mind hearing such vehement claims from people who had a "saw the light" moment before their obesity literally killed them. Fear of impending death can do miraculous things to a person's willpower. However, most folks don't really fit into that category. This really is an ongoing journey that lasts a lifetime, and that usually means some trial and error. I think that I am much stronger now, after having regained some weight, which I've taken off once more. I know that the world doesn't end, just because my butt got bigger. *laughs* The only real failure, in my eyes, is giving up and not working toward one's health. Embracing defeat is much worse than having a short relapse with bad eating/exercising habits.

  3. What a beautiful post. Thank you.
    ( I can't figure out how to post other than "anonymous", so I will just sign my comments- Carrie)

  4. This was a really good post. I feel the same way about being overconfident.


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