Monday, February 9, 2009

Loathe to challenge myself

Im hanging in there weight wise and doing well. Last night I had a lava cake with ice cream at the restaurant. The scales was up a half a pound of course, but I no longer sweat those kind of things. Whats life with out a piece of cake now and again?

Most days I eat well and wholesome. My favorite lunch these days is a min bagel with hummus and pea pods and green peppers. We bought some peppers at Costco that are incredibly sweet and yummy.

You know the truth is I can eat about anything I want as long as I stop at three pm. I use to use this technique a lot but I don't anymore because I'm more focused on health and keeping my blood sugar up. But I still rely on this when I'm away from home and tempted with lots of goodies. Its a good way for me to yield to temptation and not gain weight.

I still haven't built any real exercise into my program. I just haven't made the time for it and I know I have to. I'm still not drinking my allotted amounts of water either. Its really not hard for me to focus on changing my diet but it seems astronomical to me to add in the water and exercise. After a year of this you would think I was ready to move in. Well in my head I know I should but I don't.

I ask myself why. Is it not important enough to me? I don't know. I read on the blogs that if you're not willing to sweat and put in the time then don't complain about being overweight. Isn't there a happy medium somewhere? See, after all this time I'm still convinced theres another way besides good old sweat. In the summer I work outside so much I don't really worry about it. But in the winter like this I know I don't walk my allotted amount of steps per day. I have a pedometer. I should put it on and see how much I actually do walk.

I really think I am too content with the rate of my loss to notch things up at all. But exercise is healthy for a body so maybe I should do it on that premise. Regardless of why or when I do it I must do it. Its time.

Who knew that changing ones life could be so time consuming. I can easily see why so many people fail. I don't have to really focus anymore on the food; that comes naturally. But if I add the walking and the water I will have to think about it and make an effort. Maybe that's my problem; maybe I don't want to use up the energy and time needed to change. I did that last winter and got my eating into a groove and now I'm too lazy to work that hard again.

Hmm, I'll have to think about this reasoning of mine and figure out why its not important to me to get some walking done. Maybe I'm just a slug at heart!


  1. I don't find the water part hard since that's all I drink during the day. The jug stays on the counter and I refill my glass whenever it's empty. I drink a 20 ounce glass with each meal and snack and when I'm hungry.

    As for the exercise, do it because of how good you will feel when you are done :) plus the extra muscle boost you will get just seems a little easier when you are physically stronger. The main reason I exercise these days if for my mood and mental health.

    I bet when you add the exercise and water in, you will reach your goal in no time ;)

    I could honestly stop eating at 3 pm if I didn't have to feed the family dinner ;)

  2. you know, of course I think it's damn time for you to get moving :) but I also KNOW that soon when youre ready it will happen.

    your AH HA!!! moment.
    and the movement will start.

    I know it.


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