Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Meatloaf, the tempter

I made baked potatoes, meatloaf, corn and salad for dinner tonight. How do I keep from eating too much? I dont eat at all. I have a love hate relationship with the lowly meatloaf. I think I can flirt with it and not get burned but I learned long ago that one little taste and I am in full blown love! I have often wondered why I cant control myself with meatloaf but I cant! I have no idea why it appeals to me so. I cant tell you the times I have told myself that just one bite wont hurt and how many times I ended up eating piece after piece with no restraint.

I had crackers and hummus and cheese a while ago. That will be my dinner.


  1. I have a weakness for meatloaf, too.

  2. Mmmmm ... meatloaf ...
    It's actually harder for me to resist meatloaf than it is for me to resist cheesecake! I did figure out a cool trick, though: Make the meatloaf as muffins (not the huge ones -- the normal cupcake size) -- freeze them & only reheat a couple at a time! It works for me with the portion control AND my little guy loves anything that comes in muffin form so it's a double bonus :)

  3. I always find it interesting how different tastes are.
    I could hang all day with the m'loaf and not even WANT a bite.

    now put me with a bowl (pot?) of plain white rice? I could eat the entire thingandmore.

  4. i can do a small peice of meatloaf......I tend to overdo the mashed potatoes on the side ;)

  5. I'm exactly like you Mrs. Darling, I can't even take a bite or its all downhill! There are some things, I just know not to touch. I will make it every once in a while for my boyfriend and the minute he is done serving up his plate, I take the rest and put it into containers for his lunch for the next couple of days, and hurry up and put it in the fridge so I don't see it. Glad you set yourself up for success w/ the hummas & crackers...thats my favorite!


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