Saturday, May 23, 2009

Staying in the game

Still holding my own at 213. Believe it or not I'm working to keep it there! I'm not sure what is happening but I have to get it figured out. I've weighed this for a month now. I am determined not to go any higher. I need to just hang on until I can get back on track which will hopefully be today.

There are so many head games involved. I tell myself to just eat this weekend cause its a holiday weekend and begin on Tuesday to correct the damage. However, I cant do that! I will gain five pounds if I do. That sort of thinking is what got me all the way to 256 pounds originally.

Ive always known that getting started is harder than keeping on the band wagon in the first place. I need to get moving. I don't consider that I am really out of the diet game but I'm just not losing. I don't have a long way back and I want to correct this before I do.

How do you all get back in the winning game after a long plateau caused by your hand?


  1. I was just thinking today, that I do so much better with a plan then just winging it. This low carb is working, no wheat, no sugar, it makes me feel better and that is what is most important, how I feel. I know the weight loss will be a bonus. I wish I knew what tripped my trigger this time to make it seem easy, I don't know, less then a year now until I'm 50? I know I want to be healthy more then anything.

  2. Remotivate, remotivate and remotivate! I go back and re read my goals and dreams lists (do you have those) of my goals (and dreams) is to see my collar bones. You they stand out on fit people? I want that. I can't see mine yet unless I tighten them, but ya can't go around with a tightened neck LOL!!! Find something that will make you want to go back to working out and eating right. I have a DVD called Body of Work. I think you can down load it free online. Google it and see. It is VERY motivational!

  3. I make a special trip to the grocery, stocking up on the 'good' stuff I'm supposed to be eating. Having it readily available at home is the key for me. Also, I do the opposite...make sure that I clean out any 'bad' food that has tiptoed into the house mysteriously! Doing those things tends to refocus me and help me get back on track. :)

  4. I love missys idea and thats kinda what I do.

    clean house and make all the offerings, well, CLEAN :)


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