Friday, May 29, 2009

Wherin I tell the truth about all of this

Whenever I work outside in my gardens and yards I retain water. Whenever I exercise for days in a row I retain water. My fingers are so tight this morning I can hardly close them. I have noticed this many times through the years. I have no idea why this happens. I drink more water than I ever do in the winter and I retain more too. You would think that all of the exercise would be good for me. Instead it bloats me. It makes my back ache. It aggravates my tennis elbow and carpal tunnel. It makes every bone in my body feel like lead.

I hate exercise.

I hate what it does to me.

I would so much rather count calories for weight loss than exercise.

But...because everyone says its good for a person I will exercise today in spite of my great distaste for it. I will get most of my exercise through gardening and yard work because that is a form of exercise I love!

The pain is worth it all when I see the gorgeous flowers in my bed and when the garden is spilling over with the harvest.

I will exercise and I will count calories because I want to be healthy and thinner. But in truth I hate both. There my secret is out!


  1. I notice my hands swell when I exercise too... I seem to have a hard time putting exercise and diet together. It seems I can manage one, and then the other falls to the wayside. If I could just get them together I know I would have better results!

  2. I am not a fan of exercise either, but I KNOW how important it is. I am doing a 20 minute power point is brutal, but quick. Walking is the best thing you can do and I hate that too....I would love to jog if my flab did not get in the way....someday ;)
    My biggest "hate" in dieting and exercise is counting calories and weighing out food. I HATE it...I mean H-A-T-E it! I only can last a few days before I quit. I have went back to portion size. 5-6 meals (small) of 1 carb and 1 protein. Add some veggies a couple of times a day and you have a weight loss plan. A protein is the size of my palm and as thick as a deck of cards and a carb is the size of my fist. counting anything. A sample meal for me is a small fist sized apple and a portion of natural peanut butter, or a chicken breast (palm sized) and a fist size of brown rice with some veggies on the side. Todays lunch will be a slice of homemade whole wheat bread with tuna and some veggies on the side. Nuts are great cause you can have them for a snack (meal) and they count as a protein and a carb. Corn and peas and potatoes are not veggies...they are carbs. Maybe you can find a solution to exercise like I did to counting calories. If you do PLEASE pass it on!!!!

  3. I like exercise...when I'm done! No, actually, I do like doing it, but some days, when I'm not going to my regular workouts and therefore should go for a walk or bike ride, I have a long argument with myself trying to talk myself into going. Once I start, it's fine. I'm just really stubborn, I guess.

  4. Well heres my solution to exercise- dont do it! LOl

    No, really my solution is easy in the summer. I have half an acre of crops that need tended to. I plant a huge canning garden and grow apples, blueberries, grapes and strawberries outside the garden plus many flower beds. I work outside and average of 4 hours a day; often more. That is my summer solution. In the winter I have known.

    Bren i like your way of figuring eating but when i do it that way I always eat too much. I am the type that I have to have a stopping number! Okay so that sounds a little strange but thats me. lol

  5. Hypertension runs in my family so I have to watch my salt intake. When I eat to much salt, my fingers swell up and look like a pack of hot dogs, especially when I'm exercising. I LOATHE exercise with a capital L. My solution is to find fun stuff until the novelty wears off. My newest toy is the EA Sports Wii Active.

  6. I haven't had a problem sticking to the portion sizes. I don't let myself get hungry....eating every 2-3 hours helps. And I tell myself I can always have more in a couple of hours. Really when you think about it, for us that struggle, exercise AND food are nothing but a mind game we have to play with ourselves. That makes me sad for me. I pray there will be a day for me when food will just be food and nothing more.

  7. Four hours of activity is way more than I get with the more 'traditional' form of exercise, so good for you!

    As for the swelling...I wonder if water pills would help? I know nothing about them other than I know my mom used to take them. I'm sure your doctor (or Google, which is mine!) would know more.

    Hang in there! One day you'll look back at this time and you'll be thankful you hung in there! :)

  8. Your post made me smile... I too am not a big fan of exercise but your gardening sounds wonderful!!


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