Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Amazing Revelation on Food Consumed in my Day

I had vowed that this month I would stop the gaining streak and I did! I cant even tell you how hard I fought to hang on! I ended the month of May the same weight as I ended April. That is a good thing. I weighed 213. My highest weight in May was 218 and my lowest weight was 212. So that right there shows you the white knuckle month that it was!

Its interesting to note that last May I ended with a zero loss too! Its also interesting to note that five months of the year have gone and this years total losses are....a gain of two pounds! That is not nice!

Now for June I want to see a loss! If I can even lose three pounds in June it would mean that I have lost for the year instead of gained! Hey, you have to look at all the little things to find encouragement!

I started recording my food again and an amazing pattern emerged. While I vary the families diet and cook them big dinners I noticed that my diet stays pretty consistent. I've read before that people pretty much eat the same foods over and over and goodness me, when I watch what I eat I certainly fall into that category.

Here's what I have discovered I eat when I look back on my food journals. I have 6 breakfast menus! Who knew!

Breakfasts are pretty much 1.cheese or peanut butter sandwiches, 2.bagel with cream cheese, 3.toast with jam and butter, 4.bowl of shredded wheat, 5.multigrain pancakes, 6.eggs. Every meal is eaten with coffee and half n half.

Lunch is also the same things all the time: 1. 1/2 tuna sandwich, 2.lettuce salad w/ kidney beans and cheese, 3. pb&j sandwich (whole) 4.kidney beans, cottage cheese & salsa. That's it!

Dinner: meat, rice or pasta, green beans when they are served as the evening vegetable and a salad.

My variations are sometimes the use of flour tortillas for bread or an English muffin for the breakfast bread.

My snacks are: and peanut butter, 2.tricuits and laughing cow cheese, 3. banana, 4.protein bar, 5. orange, 6. berries

Did you really read that? That's kinda bad! I have 6 breakfast menus, 4 lunch menus and one basic dinner menu! And the weird thing is that the family dines on all sorts of goodness and this is still what I eat!

All day long I drink coffee.

Now here's the real bad thing. You will notice that there is very little in the vegetable department, very little dairy, and very little fruit. I am hypoglycemic so if you noticed all the cheeses and beans and peanut butter that is why.

When I lay it out like this it is so easy to see where the changes need made. This is the month that I will add the almost nonexistent food groups and drink my water. Actually now that I'm working outside I'm drinking quite a bit of water so that is already getting better.

Are you stunned by this diet? Does it make you wonder how I've ever been able to lose any weight at all? How does it compare to your diet? I truly am curious to see how far off base you find this to be. Am I eating better or worse than the average person? Bring it on!

Did you look way down here to see if there was a final confession? Well there is! Almost every night I have 1/2 a cup of ice cream. Was that the sound of you falling off your chair?


  1. :)
    I have to say that in a weird way this is a great thing. Nothing stumped me more than when people would come to me wanting to lose weight and would present their current diet (no matter how much or little they wanted to lose) and I could find SO SO LITTLE ID EVEN CHANGE!

    tiny tweaks to big losses for you , Woman!

  2. Im sure hoping it will be just a matter of fine tuning! :)

  3. I think it is just fine tuning. You are not eating "badly"...except that ice cream ;)....Maybe you could drop some of the bread servings during your day. Those are huge for me. I can only have 1 slice of homemade whole wheat bread or a tortilla per day or I do not lose. I am hypoglycemic too...I was hospitalized for it at 18, you know the age where you NEVER eat all your meals, if any....and I can eat a carb only with a protein. I know some people consider beans a protein, but for me they are a carb.
    I am right there with you.

  4. Bren that is exactly what I need to do is drop those breads! I guess I could replace them with protoen. I just dont know what else to fill in there that wont leave me feeling hungry.

  5. It really helped me take a good look at my diet when I started recording it on, then I kept tweeking it and ended up going low carb. I lost 6lbs for May, started after the first week of May, so the average was 2lbs a week. I like that. I feel good, not hungry. I know that would turn your diet upside down changing it, but it was really what I needed, and I think I can stick to this. OH, I still have some carbs, but I manage to eat 1 bite of ice cream or half a cookie once in a while, maybe once a week. And I count the carbs in it. But those "bites" are enough, I'm satisfied, really weird.

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