Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thanks guys

You guys are all so affirming in your comments. You make me feel like my 30 pound loss is a big deal and you say nothing of my 10 pound gain! Only dieting friends know how hard that 30 pounds was to lose. I am so excited about getting going this year. I just know that this year will be the year to lose the rest of the weight!

I look at pics of me and I find that I'm thinking, "Oh that was in my thinner days! I wish I was that thin now." Then it hits me that the weight is only ten pounds away! I didn't gain 30 or 40. Its 10 and I can lose that and 50 pounds more! I really can!

I can do this! I will do this!


  1. You only gained 10 last year. I'm sitting with 15 extra pounds. It is not easy!!


Thank you for taking the time to encourage me on my journey! Your comment is appreciated!