Monday, January 4, 2010

So ready to do this!

So here we are at Monday! Such a day! So full of hope for the New Year. I cant even tell you how ready I am to get back at this weight loss thing! This fall I was so caught up in getting school started and lesson plans made that I just couldn't concentrate on my health like I wanted to.

It just seemed that all year I battled with wanting to get back on track but never truly accomplishing it. Sometimes I even wondered if I wanted to! My mind was overloaded and I really wasnt totally unhappy with my weight where it was. I actually looked quite good in my black Christmas dress. In fact, a lady who hadnt seem me since I had lost weight was at the company Christmas party. She was amazed at my weight loss and told me not to lose another pound..that I looked good just as I was!

Why do people say that? Its annoying especially since she weighs about 95 pounds herself! Sure I am thinner than last time she saw me but she would never be content to stay at my weight! Who is she kidding?

But anyway back to me here. I think I just got too complacent and too busy to care as much. Now suddenly I have the feeling of caring back. That is huge for weight loss. If you are satisfied with past efforts how can you ever move on? It did take work to keep the weight off but it wasn't the same as actively losing. It didn't take as much concentration. That is seen in my 10 pound gain this year.

But now everything is changed. I want to feel the joy of weight loss again. I want to rejoice in the changes taking place in my body as I regain my health. I want to feel the excitement of seeing my body change and discovering my true shape under the fat! I just feel so ready again!

I really do think I needed that year off. My body reset itself and so did my thinking. Now lets just get on with the year because every month I'm going to be seeing a loss now! The months cant go by fast enough!


  1. Good luck!
    You sound so positive and so motivated I know you can do it!

  2. still reading checking on you and cheering you on from TEXAS,


  3. Good Luck with your level of motivation you can definitly do it!

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  4. way to recommit yourself. I will be checking your blog to see how you do. If you get a chance check me out at


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