Monday, February 8, 2010

I must return to calorie counting

Okay so things are going well. I bounced around a bunch of ideas for food plans. Should I do Atkins and go for a quick loss? Maybe I should do the South Beach one. I pulled my South Beach diet book off the shelf and read it one night in the tub! It seemed easy enough but there again was that diet; preplanned, prearranged and set up for me to fail.

Ive become jaded and cynical. Ive been on far too many diets. I've read every diet book out there 10 times it seems! I even took a gander at the Shangrila diet which is basically drinking oil before every meal. Yes, I have that book too.

In the end however, I went back to counting calories. Its just what works for me. I can eat whatever I want I just have to count it. That is how I like my food plan. I need to quit looking for something else. Counting calories was the reason I lost 40 pounds. Not counting is why I gained 11 pounds.

Its not hard to figure out what I have to do. Im still walking but I really do need to get those walking shoes!

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  1. The average daily calorie intake for a woman is around 1800 - with 2200 for a man


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