Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Budging that scale!

Still working on the protein and still holding at the same weight. I am hoping that this week I can see a change in the scale. I had hoardes of company over the weekend and that is never good for my diet. I really have to learn how to handle those types of situations better. On the other hand, I ask myself if it would really matter if I went off my food plan on those occasions if I just stuck to the plan the rest of the time. It makes sense that I would end the year with a weight loss if I just worked my plan on all the in between days. Sure there are a lot of special occasions in life anymore but one has to be real and admit that really the weight gain is not coming from those "special occasions." It's from the other 2oo days of the year . So I'm not going to sweat the "event eating". I'm just going to keep my day as clean as possible on the food front.

I'm seriously thinking of upping my exercise and maybe even going to the gym. I walked today and I have been walking more all the time but it is still not enough. I also drank water today but it is still not enough. Nothing seems to be enough to budge this weight! Well I'm wanting to change that! If I pull everything together at one time I can make the weight budge! This is what I have to do for my health. I just don't have a choice!


  1. Upping the exercise is a great idea. The gym is a great place to get all kinds of exercise, not just cardio. Go for it, girl!

  2. Well, keep us updated...hoping to see a loss soon!
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  3. Okay, Piece of Cake - What happened to you??


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