Thursday, April 15, 2010

The slow gain and slower loss

When you post your weight by the month its easy to see the progress or lack thereof. This month I will have the first monthly loss since last August. Before August it was last February. The first year Ive posted shows how just a few pounds a month adds up to huge weight loss. The second year posted shows how the same couple of pounds added a month makes a significant gain. It's amazing to watch my weight go down or creep up by just a pound or two and yet eventually I'm tallying either a loss or a gain.

My goal is to stop those gains. Even if I can lose a pound a month I will be happy. I do not want to see a monthly gain on my sidebar again this year. That is my new goal.

I've been walking twice a week on a walking path at the park and I've been watching my calories and the quality of my food. I have not been drinking water like I should. I want to cut back on the coffee and pick up on the water.

By the end of this month I also want to add another lap on the track to my walk. The track is half a mile around. It just kills my back to walk but I'm hoping in the end it will strengthen it and make it feel better instead of worse!

On top of adding another half mile my goal is to add in the third day of walking by the first of May.

I just cant approach this like other people do. I have to go ever so slowly with tiny little increments of change.


  1. Just wanted to encourage you to keep on...I well understand your frustrations!

  2. Sounds like a good plan. Have you been taking measurements of yourself? Sometimes that's a better indicator than just the scale. And have you ever had your fat checked? I need to have mine checked again. When you go from fat to muscle, you might end up not losing weight but your body composition changes for the better.


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