Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Actually went outside and walked yesterday! I havent done that for at least a month! Felt good. Im determined to fit it into my morning routine!


  1. Hi, best of luck with your weightloss. I recently just finished playing tennis which I was playing 5 times a week and was still indulging in the same amount of food.
    When I picked up netball, I controlled my eating again and lost 12kg.
    I literally just had to think that when I was eating, if I needed that food, When I was next going to eat, and how much energy the food would offer me to get me through to my next meal..
    I hope this helps.
    Thanks, Check out my new blog if you like.

  2. I walk/run every morning. It is so invigorating and really jump starts my day. If I don't I feel lazy, and tired and don't have the energy to do anything. If you do it for a week you won't be able to stop. Its so healthy and your body gets used to it too!


Thank you for taking the time to encourage me on my journey! Your comment is appreciated!