Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weight loss has been sent in

So I had to email Allan with only a pound loss but at least it was a loss. I had a huge party here Thursday night. I didn't do too badly and I'm sure I was under my goal calories for the day but I wanted to do 1200 instead of the goal which is 1700. I think the real bad thing for me was that lots of people decided to leave their food here so they wouldn't have to take it home and eat it! So I slipped up time after time on Friday and Saturday; a chocolate here, party mix there until I was hitting 1500 calories all on the wrong things.

I have found that it is so much easier to eat at 1200 calories if I use Atkins bars and shakes for meal supplements. I teach school and during the day I just don't have time to worry about eating. A premade shake or a bar is the ticket for me.

Its the same problem with getting in my fluids. I cant leave the room to refill my water or coffee and I cant leave to pee if I did manage to fill it. It all makes this very hard. Even stopping to take a sip of a drink is license for the kids to lose their focus and start acting out. I work with learning disabled kids and their attention span is small.

Regardless of all this, I am determined to continue this and post a better weight loss next week.


  1. Celebrate a loss. I had a gain and was so bummed...

    And I totally get you with the water. I am gonna have to plan water on days I go out so I'm not desperate to hit a public (nasty) toilet. I've had to do that more than I like on days with outings. When I'm mostly home, easy. I mean, I couldn't even sit through 1 hour of a concert without discomfort.

    I actually am cutting back on water. Instead of the 160 to 220, I'll stick closer to the "accelerated rate" and hope for less peeing. :D

    Let's ahve a great and healthy week!

    PS and thanks for dropping by the blog

  2. I just lost my comment thanks to Internet Explorer - anyway, can another teacher "spot" for you while you go to pee? There must be some solution - I bet the kids would get used to you sipping on your water bottle all day ... they'd hardly notice after a while. I keep meal replacements and supplements (almonds) in my purse all the time - then I'm always ready to deal w/ hunger properly.

  3. Oh yeah the kids are used to me sipping coffee and water. But leaving the room is just not going to happen. The kids I work with have a lot of problems incuding autism and adhd. I need to be there for them.


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