Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I figured I may as well stop by Starbucks for a coffee. I bought a creme broulee latte and and noticed how sweet it tasted. I usually get a skinny latte for 150 calories. But today I wanted something more. I actually felt I deserved it. The day had been a rough one! So I bought a coffee. When I got home I checked the calories on the computer. Oh my word! I had just drank 420 calories. I am so bummed. I knew it had a lot but somehow I justified it. When you actually see the calories on paper its harder to find the reason I thought was good enough  to buy it in the first place. So anyway, that puts my calories up to 970 for the day. It's 3:30 pm. It looks like I will have a small supper tonight. A lean cuisine will most likely be on the menu.


  1. I feel your pain. I hate it when you unknowingly mess up. Starbucks is kind of like the devil for dieters.

  2. You are on the right track and I can see your determination. Keep it up! (:


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