Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Bump

I was at my daughters volleyball tournament all day yesterday and by all day I mean from 7am to 7pm. Food choices were limited. I packed an Atkins protein drink and had that midmorning. Other than that I had several slices of cheese and meat and some sun chips. At a coffee break I had a cinnamon roll. I was under my calories for the day but I'm not necessarily happy with that. Today I plan on bumping those calories  up to 1200 and making them all healthy calories.

Im going to have my protein shakes and bars with a couple 100 calorie snacks in between. Tonight will be a lean cuisine.

I feel so much better when I eat right that any sacrifice I might feel as a result is well worth it. I find that if I keep my protein levels up I don't have the food cravings. I have to do a bit better at getting those simple carbs out of my diet. I am planning for a perfect on plan day today with at least 8 cups of liquids.

The scale is still going down but I will wait until next Friday morning to post my loss.


  1. During my weight loss journey, I created a site you might find useful. I liked 100 calorie snacks but always wanted more. I decided to build my own site to create my own 150 or 200 calorie snacks, or whatever I wanted. It also saves you a bit of money! Let me know if you try it out.

  2. Hi! I'm new at reading your blog but I understand so much what you are going through. I have similar issues. Days when i mess it up completely. but at least I always tell myself that I can do better the next day, make better choices.


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