Thursday, March 3, 2011

To keep myself on track

Todays eats:

smoked salmon
1 boiled egg
stone ground bread

1/2 of a flax seed muffin

3 oz baked chicken
1/2 c. sweet potato salad

clementine orange

Im going to WW this Saturday. I haven't been there since the first day


  1. Smoked Salmon - Yummy!!

    Best of luck and support through your jouurney! ;)) I'll keep coming back to support you.. *waves* Love the honesty per your blog!!

    ~Marilyn from

  2. Maybe you should consider a different method than weight watchers. I'm not saying that it wouldn't work for you, but if you haven't been back since you signed up and you had a hard time going in the first place, it doesn't seem like something you really want to do. Or you would have been doing it all this time. You will feel a lot more sucessful, if you spend a little time figuring out what you enjoy and can live with daily that will work for you. One small change at a time. Like adding in a new exercize or cutting soda or whatever you can live with. Then make another small one..

    It's hard to have long term success doing stuff you hate. Best of luck to you... I hope you do go if this is what you want.. and then make sure you go back :o)

  3. I did weight watchers. it worked, but It took FOREVER. last year, a month before my best friend's wedding I wanted to lose 11 Pounds, and my mom found this diet that works fast. I lost 10 Pounds in about 20 days, and it wasn't one of them creazy low carb diets or anything. they give you this menu that you need to follow, and it menipulates your hormones, and forces your body to burn fat. here's a realy cool website I found about this diet- some girl tried this diet, and she created a blog and reported every single day untill she reached her goal weight. check it out- this diet is easy to follow and I lost the weight fast and haven't gained it back since :)
    Here's a link to this girl's blog:


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