Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 5

Yesterday was tough! On top of it all I came down with a sudden painful migraine! I only lost .4 lbs. I didn't drink enough water which I'm sure is a reason for the migraine and probably for the lack of a bigger loss. But then I can't complain. I have lost 8 pounds now in the last four days.

Yesterday I had an orange and half a grapefruit, a cucumber with vinegar on it, 3.5 ozs. fish and 3.5ozs of chicken with mustard. I also had 2 pieces of melba toast. I didn't eat my one vegetable allowed because I ran out of time.

This diet is tough! I wonder if I can last for the entire 23 days of the first protocol. I have to do it though. I don't have a choice!

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