Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 6

Well I have experienced many emotions and physical discomfort. I have been plagued with stomach aches and headaches. I wake up at night and feel nauseated from low blood sugar. It's amazing how a few drops of Hcg will take that headache and nauseated feeling away.

I have no idea what I'm doing weight wise because I haven't been able to weigh. I'm in Seattle visiting my mother in law.  Yesterday I weighed and I had only lost .4 so I'm hoping for a better loss tomorrow morning when I'm  at home and I can weigh.

I am a bit worried though, This morning we went out to a smorgasbord for mother's day breakfast. I had just plain lettuce with tomatoes and cucumber. There wasn't any breakfast meat that I could eat so I picked the white parts out of the boiled eggs in the salad bar and added a bit of Parmesan cheese. My stomach felt quite sick with all that lettuce on it. Lettuce never does digest well with me.

We sat there long enough that they brought the lunch things in so I was able to get  a slice of turkey breast which is technically not on the diet. You can have chicken breast but not turkey. I really had no choice but to choose the turkey. The other meat was bacon, sausage, roast beef, breaded shrimp and ham.

The turkey worries me a bit. It tasted incredibly salty and caused me a lot of stomach distress. So we'll see how things turn out. Tomorrows weigh in will tell me a lot about what my body can and cannot get by with on this diet.

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