Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 7

So even though I am posting this on day 7 I have only completed day 6 of the protocol. Today is my 7th day and of course I wont have todays results until tomorrow. I have been on this program for 6 days and this morning I show a 10 pound loss. The weight loss is great but the diet is incredibly hard. It's really not that I'm hungry it's just that you crave real taste. Eating just 2.5 ozs of cooked meat at every meal means that even if you make something with a little spice you are only allowed about three bites of it, so it really doesn't make one want to spice things up. It's easier to eat the small amounts if they dont taste that great anyway. Isn't that just pathetic of me? I awoke this morning feeling a bit down. That never happens to me. I am usually loving the morning. I'm guessing my blood sugar might be low - another facet of the diet I am on. Well here's to another lo cal day.

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