Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 8) 11 pounds lost

I have successfully completed the 7th day on HCG. In that first week I have lost 11 pounds. Last Tuesday morning I weighed 240 lbs. This Tuesday I weigh 229! It's going to be way more of an incentive now that I'm in the 220's. My weight had been bouncing around in the upper 30's for months. It's going to be nice to get some new numbers on that scale.

I have a whole closet full of clothes I grew out of. My lowest weight in 2008 was 207 from a high of 256. From there on it's been a continual gain with lows and highs but ultimately it was the highs that stuck.

I had decided last week that there was no way I was going to do another round of this when this round is over, but yesterday and today so many of the intense cravings are gone that I am rethinking that.  The diet just got so much easier the 6th day.

We have an Hcg diet support group that meets at our church. I did not want to join it because I was so adamantly against this diet and now that I did the diet I'm not sure I want anyone to know! It's all about my pride, I guess. But now I'm feeling in huge need of support. I feel like I just want to be reassured that I am not in this alone. I joined a support group online but it is not enough.

The meeting is tonight. I must make up my mind about it today.


  1. Wow, good results. Be careful that you don't lose too quickly. Maybe you'll feel better if you go to the support group and admit - head on - what your concerns were and how your feelings have changed. I always feel better when I do that - esp. when I've been so against something to start out with. Just saying it outloud takes it off my chest. Most of us have balked at many things that we ended up cheering later on - you're not alone!
    PS Good to "see" you again - I've been thinking about you a lot!

  2. A lady is allowed to change her mind. You are doing so well on it that I would own it. If others have a problem with it... to bad!!

    Just to let you know, I love the TruFlora, it is the very first probiotic that I could actually feel working. I wish I could participate it this giveaway. They sure are being generous.

  3. Sometimes those probiotics upset my IBS but Im to the point that I will try anything right now!
    Thank you all for your encouragment!

  4. Mrs. Darling,

    Congratulations on your weight loss so far!! I am on day 6 of HCG and have lost 5 pounds so far. My friend sent me a link to your blog. I will be following! :)

    Best of luck to you!!


  5. I forgot I had a question! :) Why do you need probiotics? I'm not taking anything like that, should I be? I take a multivitamin, that's it.



  6. Anon we were discussing candida. I have candida really bad and it got worse on this diet. I googled it and discovered that candida feeds on the hcg but in the end I will win because I am not eating sugar and yeast. One of the treatments for candida is probiotics. I would wait to take them until I am done with this round of hcg.

    So glad to have company here that is on the same diet! How fun!

  7. OH I see! Thank you for explaining! I bombed big time tonight at dinner. :( I made the mistake of making one of my favs for the kids, because it's quick and easy and they love it. I ended up eating it too. But I did 1 1/2 levels of Jillian Michael's 30 day shred to make up for those extra calories when I don't normally exercise like that on this diet! Hopefully it won't show too bad on the scale tomorrow morning! I hope you had a good day today! Looking forward to tomorrow's post! :)

    Take care,


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