Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 9

I did go to the support group last night. It helped a ton. They gave me a big notebook with all the phases in it, along with lots of recipes. That will save me a lot of googling time. Things went easier yesterday. It's positively crucial to stay away from food places, such as; restaurants and fast food, or even the grocery store.
I went to Safeway last night to try and find grissinni and I cant find it anywhere so I guess I have to stick with melba toast. But anyway, temptation was everywhere. I think I better stay out of stores till this is over.
I didn't cheat at all yesterday. So far I have had a perfect run with this diet. I lost .75lbs yesterday which brings me to 11.5 pounds lost. I weighed 228.8. I don't really go by all the tenths on the scale unless it hits the half way mark. But if its like 4oz or 2 oz I always round my weight. So yesterday was 229.4. That's why the loss is three quarters of a pound.
Well on to a new diet. One lady told me that I could have tuna on this diet and another told me I can't. The original diet said no tuna but they are saying now that it was written before tuna was canned in water. It use to all be canned in oil. I think that would be true of gobs of stuff on our shelves now. I really wonder how the diet would have been written if it would have been written for now.
Last night I found some Pita crackers at Safeway. I compared the ingredients to melba toast and they are pretty much the same. If anything, I would say that the Pita bread was better. It was less of a lot of the ingredients but the Pita crackers weren't made when Simmeon made the diet. I bought them anyway. One cracker has 13 calories. I decided to use them for a wee bit different taste. I cannot even imagine that it would throw things off. If it does I will stop. I'll let you all know.
Well I must get on with the day. I'm drinking my black coffee right now. I'm going to cook an apple in the microwave and put some stevia and cinnamon on it to have with my coffee this morning. My blood sugar feels quite low!

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  1. My food list says the only fish we can have is white fish. I believe Albacore tuna is considered a white fish. I would say if it's canned in water and there's nothing on the package saying you can't have it, then see how it goes! Good luck!! Congrats on such a successful diet so far!!



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