Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lo carb

The first of September I jumped on the lo carb band wagon again. I feel so much better eating proteins and vegetables. I have lost three pounds in the first three days of this month. I haven't been totally on plan but enough that I'm shedding some of this water weight.
I've been thinking of the Paeleo diet but goodness, I'm not sure I could do it. I am however, researching it and reading everything I can get my hands on. I  have always eaten more protein than the average person because of my blood sugar problems. It's really not that hard to do a high protein diet. The one huge thing it has going for it, is that it takes away my ravenous appetite. I don't need to take any sort of appetite suppressants. Suppressing the insulin is an appetite suppressant in itself. I'm going to continue cutting out the majority of carbs and see what happens. I might jump on the Paeleo wagon. It might be good if I could learn how to spell it first!


  1. WIthout realizing it I've changed my eating habits to more low carb and the weights been consistently coming off.. its awesome when we find what works best for us. I first heard of the paleo diet last month and like u, am so not sure I can stick with it!

  2. Very inspiring blog! Best of luck!


  3. Just dropping by to say hello and see how things are going.

    Hope you are having luck with your healthy diet.

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  6. you should change your backround to salad or something.

    goooood luck


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